7 DIY Ideas using mason jars

7 Innovative DIY Ideas Using Mason Jars

One of the most interesting aspects of DIY projects is finding new ways to use common articles and items.

In this article, we’ve put together few innovative ways in which you can transform mason jars into something cool.

Lampshades: Make a hole in the lid and affix it to the holder of a bulb, hanging from the ceiling. Screw in the jar and your mason jar lampshade is ready. You can embellish it with vines and flowers, to impart to it a warmer look.


Mason jar lampshade

Soap dispensers: Add a touch of ‘chic’ to your bathroom by re-purposing your mason jar into a soap dispenser. You will need an old plastic soap dispenser and M-Seal. Make a hole in the lid and attach the nozzle to the lid of the mason jar and fix it in place with M-Seal.


Useful mason jar soap dispenser

Flower vase: Mason jars can be repurposed into beautiful vases. You can paint the jar with glass paint and give it a stained glass look. Fill it in with water and your flower vase is ready.


Gorgeous window decor- Mason jar flower vase

Sand Jar: Some things look so nice that they do not need a utilitarian purpose. Fill the jar in with three or four different layers of brightly coloured sand (that you yourself can colour using standard paint). Fix the lid back on and leave it on the showpiece as a feast for the eyes.


Stunning center piece- Sand Mason Jar

Aquarium: If you have a large mason jar, you can fill up the bottom with pebbles and place a few shells and a figurine or two. Fill it in with water and you have a brand new home for your fish.


Cute Mason Jar Mini Aquarium

Hanging flower pots: Fill the bottom of the jar with soil and plant your flower in it. Tie a thin, braided rope around its neck and hang it from your window or from the grills of your veranda.


Mason jar flower pots

 Rice light lamp: Place a strand of rice-lights inside the jar and your awesome new lamp is ready. You can hang it from your window if you please, or you can keep it by your bedside table.


Bright mason jar rice lamp
Go on, try these! Share your suggestions with us in the comment section below.

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