Grandeur – A Gorgeous New Collection

Magnificence and splendour go hand in hand with this exquisite new collection. The delicate designs and subtle colours play on your mind like the nimble fingers of a first violinist in a symphony orchestra.
Presenting Grandeur, a collection from Skipper Furnishings that transposes you to a higher octave.

grandeur board
Grandeur Mood Board

Imagine a dignified space that gives you a sense of your pristine self. Imagine luxury that allows you to sink like the honeydew sun into a river of calm.

Regardless of the size, this collection imparts to your space, a sense of palatial majesty. Whether it is for curtains, bed covers or upholstery, you are bound to experience royalty. When you pull the curtains back, the balls of your fingers will be tenderly tickled by its magnificent texture. When you gently rest your back against the intricately designed cushion covers, its texture will massage your soul.
Gone are the days of chandeliers and pomp as yardsticks of grandeur. It’s time to welcome quaint stateliness into your life.

This collection is available at your nearest Skipper Furnishings store and can be customised as per your requirements.

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