Panache – A Radiant New Collection of Home Furnishings

Panache Mood Board
Panache Mood Board

What is PANACHE?

If you have seen the architectural designs of Zaha Hadid, you definitely know what panache is. Known today, as the Queen of the Curves for the employment of parabolic shapes in her designs, she is a milestone in modern architecture who redefined it with her uncompromising vision. However, when she began her journey in the field, not only was she criticised extensively for her ideas, she also faced trouble in the form of sexism. But that did not stop her from braving through all the problems and rising to the top.

Zaha Hadid’s Architectural Concept

For our new collection, we have taken inspiration from several such stories. Panache was designed to reflect not just the confidence with which fearless men and woman have achieved greatness, but also the flair, style and elegance with which they did it. With neon-like colours and a texture akin to velvet that reflects various shades of the colours at various angles, Panache is bright and brilliant like our role models and does not only radiate confidence but injects you with it. Find inspiration daily, with the sense of dignity, vitality and verve that Panache adds to your space.


If you want to know what real confidence feels like, Panache is the collection for you.

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