Kid on Sofa

Home Care Tips For Parents With Infants

With children in the house, you are bound to have something or the other destroyed by their creativity. While some of the things may be beyond repair, most are salvageable or fixable (like the beautiful minimalist mural pictured below).
1.kid with marker

“Every child is an artist…”
-Pablo Picasso

If your walls ever fall victim to your child’s artistry, don’t scold her/him. There are many easy fixes for the problem:

  • Erasers: Easiest solution for pencil line drawings and some colour pencils.
  • Cucumbers: Rub the outer part of the cucumber on your walls to remove the crayon stains
  • Toothpaste: Not tooth-gel, but standard white toothpaste – they’re fantastic at removing crayon/felt-pen/permanent marker stains. But before you go ahead with this technique, we strongly encourage you to try it on a ‘test-wall’, just to be on the safe side.

2.Kid's doodle over the shirt

Some children are veritable fashion designers. And it’s all right to let them explore their creativity, as long as they do it on clothes bought for that purpose. But if they accidentally find an alternate fabric of expression such as daddy’s new white shirt, the sofa or cushion covers, it’s time for a solution. You could use solutions available in the market or you could whip up your own:

  • Hand-sanitiser (or rubbing alcohol; acetone): Dab a little hand-sanitiser solution on to a cotton ball and apply it to the fabric very gently and slowly and leave it be for about ten minutes. Come back and wash the stains with hot water. If by any chance your fabric is fixed (like some sofa covers), you could also dip a cotton ball in hot water. If the stains are too tough, it’s best to repeat the process several times with a wash or two (in hot water) in between.
  • Lemon juice: This solution is ideal for softer fabrics. Apply a freshly squeezed lemon to your fabric directly and that’s all! It may require a few tries depending on the strength of the stain, but it’s a simple fix that can work wonders.

3.Sticky gums in Jeans

This is bound to happen to you at some point in your life, even if you don’t have kids. And chewing gum is one of the toughest things you will battle. There are several ways not so easy ways to tackle this problem:

  • Ironing: Place your fabric on a piece of cardboard so that the chewing gum is sandwiched in between. Iron the other side of the affected area on medium heat and repeat the process till all of it comes off and wash the fabric.
  • Freezing: Harden the gum by applying ice to it (or you could also freeze the affected fabric in the freezer) and quickly peel it off with a blunt knife.
  • Hot water: Boil some water and dip the affected area of fabric into it without burning yourself and while it is submerged, quickly remove the gum with a blunt knife.

4.Torn Holstery

Sometimes upholstery rips apart at the seams. If you didn’t already know, children love putting their fingers inside to feel the softness. Sometimes it results in the tragedy pictured above, which is not very difficult to fix with needle and thread. But it’s always a good idea to stitch or patch up even the tiniest hole in fabric before your child gets the opportunity to explore it.

What else has fallen prey to your child’s creativity? Share a photograph with us. And if you’ve found a simple and ingenious solution, share that with us too.

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