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How To Design A Tech-Less Living Room

Has it ever happened that you’re with a friend, and instead of catching up on lost time, you end up being engrossed in text messages or app notifications? Or that your plans to spend time with your family have entailed long comfortable silences in front of the television or laptop screen? If this seems all too familiar, then worry not. We bring you the promise of changing times ahead!

Family with Technology

The Houzz and Elle Décor Magazine have predicted a new trend that is sure to take the interior world by storm! Behold the ‘tech-less living space’, a décor idea that hopes to bring families closer by ditching technology in living rooms. With designing rooms minus digital distractions, better communication is facilitated and happiness is restored in most households!

  1. Give yourself the much needed respite from the overdose of daily ‘screen time’, by learning how to live unplugged from the digital world. Use available space to incorporate creative and chic layouts, and ask your family members to leave their phones and other gadgets in the other room. In due course of time, they will be happy about it!

Family time is the best time

  1. If you want your living room to exude class and style, then replace your large LED TV with a noteworthy piece of art! An exquisite painting, an intricately crafted sculpture, or even state-of-the-art sofas complete with befitting cushions, will breathe elegance into your home like none other!

 Pop Art Living room

  1. Dedicate an entire wall space to designing the bookshelf of your dreams! Enjoy a glass of wine with your loved one, or simply share a moment of peace with your family after an exhausting day.

Wine&Books are BFFs

  1. Make seating arrangements that face inwards, enabling eye-to-eye contact and bonding on a personal level.

Living room

  1. Use your living room balcony as a garden, and invite nature into your home! Add a swing, an awning and charming lights to make it your personal haven.


  1. As you wish to design a space that helps you relax, be careful to avoid the play of too many colours. Opt for a neutral colour palette and use soft, soothing hues.

Personal space for yourself

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