A Home Furnishing Collection That Enriches Your Space and Senses

Radiate warmth. Radiate happiness. Be the energy. This is what a soothing collection in the name of Merve will speak out to you. A fabric collection that has a beautiful interplay of colours and shine is sure to soothe your senses.

Merve has a palette of unusual colours – subtle, soft and calm. They are neither stunning like neons nor dull like a dark shade of brown. There is a sense of light hearted-ness about these hues. They relax you.  These ethereal hues have been sprinkled with the right amount of gloss. One cannot miss the golden or silver shine that proudly sits on the matte finished hues. Add this to your room and you will see a sudden there is a sudden burst of energy, enough to rejuvenate your spirit. And enough to infect visitors.

Chic patterns comprise the Merve collection

The name Merve is as beautiful as the description it entails. The word has Turkish origins meaning a beautiful person; a person who is nice and lovely, but can be bold when required. If you are one of those kinds, then it’s a collection you cannot afford to miss.

The Merve designs

This collection has a unique inspiration. Petals, feathers, aur bright and soft flowers; everything that’s delicate forms the basis of Merve designs. These are the things that do not speak loudly of their existence. They are soft, yet very strong when it comes to making an impact. The mute colours with a dash of sparkle, inspired by delicacy; it’s a process that results in sheer sophistication.  This collection will give your space a feel apt for both family members and guests. While you will cherish the elegance, your guests will simply be in awe!


Wit swanky cushions or a beautiful looking sofa cover, get set to mesmerize your space with some verve. Merve, we say!

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