An Artistic Collection Of Furnishing Fabrics, For A Free-spirited Home

Draw the lines of communication between the heart and the mind. Create a bridge between the spoken words and silence. Present to yourself a peaceful and calm world. Be an artist. Control and heal the emotions creating balance and stability. Do all of this and much more, with a deeply aesthetic and picturesque collection, Curio! Curio is a canvas of beauty. Bright hues, colourful patterns, playful styles, earthy yet soft textures; it’s an artist’s delight.

Beautiful leaf patterns in Curio

The name, coming from the English word ‘curiosity’, means a rare, unusual or an intriguing object. Art always has a sense of rarity attached to it. It’s the unique quality of art that makes it worthy of flaunt. So, this is one collection which you can pride in.

Think of the inspiration it derives from – the rich, cultural heritage of the country. It is full of life, full of energy, full of variety. Embroidery itself is one of the intricate art forms of India that speaks of the glory possessed by artisans here. So, curtains, cushions and other home furnishing products from the Curio collection will take you, or rather, reconnect you with the land of timeless elegance.

The Curio Designs
The Curio Designs

With this interesting collection, your space will emanate spirituality; evoking deep thoughts and ideals. Curio will transform your space into a comfortable and a confident home, reflecting warmth and companionship. If you find  connect with yourself, it’s easier to connect with the world! Art helps you do just that! And an artistic collection aids it beautifully! You are passionate, free-spirited and energetic, with both feet planted firmly on the ground! Let your aura spread…through none other than your own home sweet home!


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