Myths of Feng Shui

When designing a home of your own, you want it be your own haven, the safest refuge you can seek. Hence, you put all your energy into the process of planning and decoration. You try to look up the information available on the classic and the latest trends, for the well-being of your home. You ask other homeowners for inputs so that you explore all the options at hand. While doing so, you chance upon the knowledge of Feng Shui, the storehouse of good energy for your home! Although you are bombarded with Feng Shui tips, you can never be certain about what to believe and what is best avoided.

Feng-shui Color Wheel
Feng Shui Wheel

To make this colossal task easier for you, here are a few myths about Feng Shui, that you need to keep at bay.

  1. A red door is NOT always lucky! The colour of your front door brings you success, depending on other factors like the Feng Shui direction the door is facing. So it would vary from door to door!

    Red Door
    Red Door
  2. Flowers are NOT bad Feng Shui for your Bedroom! Fresh flowers bring good Chi (energy) into your home, healing it of bad energy with sweet scents and soft colours!

    Fresh Flower In Vase
    Fresh Flower In Vase
  3. Moving your furniture around does NOT guarantee success in life! Although this is a good idea to refresh the flow of energy at home, it does not bring instant positive changes like some mysterious magic trick.

    Furniture rightly placed
    Furniture rightly placed
  4. Trinkets like wind chimes and statues are NOT a guarantee of good Feng Shui! They emphasize on the use of Human Chi by encouraging our minds to get activated by creating an association with the object. Feng Shui is more powerful when it originates from the energy of Heaven(Cosmic Chi) and Earth.

    Wind Chime Statue
    Wind Chime Statue
  5. Facing your bed in an unlucky direction, does NOT bring you impending doom. There is absolutely no truth in the statement that the incorrect placement of your bed can bring misfortune to your doorstep!

    Feng Shui Bedroom
    Feng Shui Bedroom
  6. If your bathroom is placed in the south-east corner of your home, it does NOT always cause trouble in your finances! In spite of the SE being the universal wealth position, and water being a reservoir of energy, flushing water may turn out good. Depending on what other influences are at work in the SE corner, it can be draining bad energies from your home too.

    South East facing Bathroom
    South East facing Bathrooma

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