Jazz up your Hostel life!

They say college years are the golden years of our life. And let me tell you from personal experience, they aren’t wrong! Once out of college, you have to face the adult life. Responsibilities, decisions, jobs, the works! Friends disperse, there is little time for self or lay back and simply watch the stars, a moment idle is a luxury after college is over. So during this period, you should live fully, without a care in the world. And those who are lucky get to experience a life away from home, where all you have is time for yourself and your idiosyncrasies!

Elevate this experience. Add the little touches that embed it in memory, to be remembered as a life well-lived. Refurbish your dorm room, your haven during the college days. Here are a few ideas to start you up!

  1. Decorative Flower Lights

Flower lights are the perfect inexpensive solution for all college-goers! Decorate your room with hand-crafted lights, with just a handful of cupcake liners and a string of rice lights. Cut out the cupcake liners into shapes of leaves and flowers and fix them with glue behind every left for the ‘wow’ effect!

Decorative Flower Lights
Decorative Flower Lights
  1. Clothes-line Photo Holders

Use the clothes-line you use to dry wet clothes to decorate your wall! Clip us pictures, cards, letters, and any other paper memorabilia for display and add character to your private section!

Clothes-line Photo Holder
Clothes-line Photo Holder
  1. Printed or Coloured Tape Pin-board

Washi Tape is the new rage in town! Get a bunch of these affordable tapes and go crazy in your room. Spruce up your walls, your mirrors, or use it to design a charming pin-board for your use!

DIY Pin Board
DIY Pin Board
  1. Mini Cork-boards

If your room is not large enough for one massive cork-board, cut it up into smaller sizes and arrange it wisely according to a pattern!

DIY Cork Board
DIY Cork Board
  1. Bright Tray Magnet Board

Use a colourful cookie tray and fix it on the wall with sticker strips! Decorate the board with attractive and quirky magnets!

DIY Magnet Board
DIY Magnet Board
  1. Cheese Grater Earring Holder

Now you can save your earrings from getting tangled and deck up your room at the same time! Paint a cheese grater and stick large-sized beads on the bottom corners to help it stand upright! Hang jewellery on it!

Cheese Grater Earrings Holder
Cheese Grater Earrings Holder

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