A soothing collection for your home from the house of Skipper furnishings

Astute Collection 1
Astute Collection 1

Imagine a blank canvas waiting to be written upon! A canvas ready to stimulate the senses, opening the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive. Astute is that splash of serenity which helps you script your own story. A soulful collection in bright colours and meticulous prints, Astute reflects purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.

Astute collection 2

These are some curtains and drapes that offer not only warmth but also crispness and coolness. Unleash divinity with this combination. Furnish your home with them and voila! What do you see! A picture that is poised, assured and settled. No wonder they call it Astute! This literally means bright and sharp. It is an intelligent collection that fills your space with an aura of security and joy. It is a collection that signifies comfort, simplicity and quality. It is a practical and smart range that lets you sit back and enjoy the retreat.

Astute Collection 3
Astute Collection 3

One look of it tells you there is an ample dosage of white in this collection. White brings light.White contains an equal balance of all the colors of the spectrum. It signifies everything that is pure and classic. It is supposed to be a visual-stress-buster. So, you come back home after a long day’s work and are greeted by beautiful and happy drapes that are constantly passing their energy to you!! Get ready to indulge!

Astute Collection 4
Astute Collection 4

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