A Fresh Collection of Home Furnishings from India’s Most Loved Furnishing Brand

Art is sensitive. Art is fragile. Art is dramatic. And anything that comes from art becomes dramatic too. Introducing Verdure – an extraordinary collection of fabrics in neutral and subtle colours. The fabric comes in woven contemporary foliage designs in synchronised colours. _dsc0009-6

The collection has been inspired by Baroque art. Baroque has been a popular form of art during the 17th century and in early 18th century. The typical characteristic features of this art include extreme dramatization, rich and deep colours, intense shadow play. It chooses the most dramatic point of an event for its display. This sense of drama in Baroque art has been incorporated in this collection. The fine, light-hearted motifs have been characterized by bold and intense ones to highlight the whole piece.


The word Verdure has Latin origins meaning fresh, green vegetation, or, something which is in the condition of health and vigour. It is exactly what this collection reflects. It simply fills up your space with energy and freshness. The tired inhabitants of this home, both living and non-living, get a fresh lease of life. Get curtains stitched for your room, or cushions to adorn your sofa. These are drapes that will lend a spirit of art to your space and your mind. It is the kind of art that not just looks beautiful but also makes you feel energised. Prepare to cheer!


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