Welcome elegance into your home with a grand new collection

The sun shines. The moon sparkles. The stars glitter. Amidst this glory, stands out a home with the richness of gold and steel, elegance of grey and the coolness of other neutrals. It is indeed a fascinating collection. The splendour is sure to be talked about.

Its classy shimmer and lustre brings style and glamour to the interiors. Something that shines always lights up the overall surroundings. Over a period of time, the house starts looking dull. It tends to lose its charm. But a lustrous piece of cushion and a shining curtain, or a beautiful blind with a metallic touch simply refurbishes the energy and gives home the charm back.


The shining base has been glorified with fine detailing. The meticulous prints give it a happy look. All in all, it becomes a combination that goes with any contemporary feel. Originating from the word ‘elegance, Eclat means ecstatic luxury. So it has been designed as a collection that is meant to furnish your home with class and luxury. It’s a story told with subtle nuances, in a way that even broken sentences form beautiful lines. This range available in a lot of metallic neutrals, is set to add a lot of glitter to your home.

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