Smart Home Decor Hacks for winter 2016!

Winter has almost set in.

Do you want to make the interiors of your home look as dull and boring as it is outside?

If not, then let me take you through some of the trending ideas for a smart home makeover this winter 2016!

  1. Warm Fabrics

Warm fabrics make the room look cozy and try setting an ambiance that the dreaded winters are back! So, from heavy cushions and curtains to warm and fluffy blankets, jazz up your bedroom and living spaces with these in order to add more warmth and comfort.

Fluffy Cushions and Blanket

 2. Good Floor Insulators

Nobody likes to have cold feet, soon after getting out from the bed. To prevent this you must insulate the floors of the room with thick carpets and rugs made of wool, cashmere or Faux with brighter shades, floral or strip prints. Apart from serving as good insulators for floors, they can also serve as a good decorative element.

Thick Winter Carpet

3. Bright designs and Warm accents

Swap off the lighter tones and introduce brighter hues and warm colors this winter.

Mostly, stripes and geometrical designs find an important place for all your upcoming home decors this season, since they add more warmth and royal touch to the interiors.

Bold Designs and Patterns

4. Re-purpose items for decorations

Don’t fret if you want to settle down for a lesser budget in decorating the interiors of your home.

Mostly, you can re purpose some of the items kept in the attic of your home like mason jars, unused wine bottles as vases and candle holders.

The best way one can decorate is with pine cones, tree branches and all sorts of other things by placing it in transparent glass containers, empty wine bottles, vases.

These elements add more focal point to your room.

Wine Bottle Flower Vase

5. Light up to warm your room

Make use of lantern instead of conventional heaters to spice up some amount of warmth. Also you can use an electric fireplace instead of conventional fireplaces.


So, as you have come to know many hacks of how to enjoy winter within your home space with these trending home decor ideas.

It’s time to decorate and relive!

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