A little space is all that it takes!

There are many challenges one faces when you start decorating your home. Of them all, the challenge of availability of space ranks the highest. Our heart craves for that extra few square feet of space, or that extra room, or that extra balcony! However, shift to a new house, and you will find yourself desiring that extra guest bedroom or just one more bathroom! All space conundrums can put beput to rest though, with smart planning and correct utilization of all those tiny corners and spaces to make your home look airy and relaxed!

With the right use of colour, interesting lighting, strategic placement and purchase of the right kind of furniture,you can give your home a wonderful transformation.

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep the draperies of your home in the same colour palette of your walls to avoid contrast and create an illusion of seamless space. Avoid ruffles in curtains.
  • Bring light and colours of the beautiful view from your window into your home and unify the outside and the inside world.
Serene blue curtains on lighter walls
  • For the seating arrangement at home, use furniture with raised legs to free ground space.Avoid using unnecessary furniture and create organized storage and multi functional furniture.
Furniture arrangements in a small room
  • Opt for neutral and cool colour palettes in your room as they act as expanders and help your décor pieces make a statement.
  • Minimize the use of prints, and maximize use of plain coloured rugs to create unified effect of space.
Mirrors for style and space
  • Use mirrors wisely to add extra light, and create a visual impression of added space.
  • Add floor to ceiling or wall to wall bookcases as a smart idea to give your home an attractive focal point and trick the eye to believe that the walls and ceilings are pushed out.
Floor to ceiling book shelves
  • You can also try using furniture that can be folded and stacked away, or that have wheels. This will help you to create more space upon requirement.
Furniture’s on wheels
  • Do away with unnecessary doors. Increase space at home by using pocket or sliding doors that let one room slide into another without any hindrance to the eye.
Sliding doors for privacy
  • Design an open kitchen to help your room get an added sense of space due to the absence of compartmentalized space.
Open modular kitchen

Small houses are common in modern day world, and luxuriant, plush homes with vast spaces at your disposal are a rarity. Give your home a wonderful transformation with the right use of lighting, strategic planning and correct purchase and placement of furniture.

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