Let your home be carpeted with style!

Rugs and carpets add a unique identity to your home, unlike any other. When choosing the perfect rug for your home, you need to consider three important factors: the material that is best suited for you, the design that would fit seamlessly into your home décor and the current trends ruling the interior world.

What material suits you best?

  • Polypropylene is an affordable stain-resistant fibre, that is soft to touch and tactile. It lasts for a span of approximately eight years.
  • Wool is a more expensive choice, but it is long lasting smooth and dyes well, hence providing you with more colour options. It does not wear out as easily as synthetic fibres.
  • Wool and synthetic mix of 80-20 per cent ratio is the most preferred choice. It is higher priced than the synthetic options but provides longevity, warmth, and is easier to care for.
  • Natural fibres like sisal made from woven fibres from the agave plant, seagrass which is grown underwater, coir which is made from coconut husk, jute which is amazingly soft to touch but not water resistant, are also great options for rugs.

woolen Carpet.jpg


What design should you opt for?

Carpets are available in many varieties and styles. Pick a design, according to your taste and weave together your idea of a great home.

  • Stripes are an excellent choice for stairs
  • Plaids, tartans and checks look great in a modern and contemporary home
  • Persian and other Oriental rugs steal the show in any room
  • Geometric designs, polka dots and subtle cubic patterns add balance when paired with neutral curtains
  • Botanicals and florals add a young and fresh vibe to your room and tie up well with paintings
  • When using Orientals, keep the setting of your room monochromatic, to echo the carpet’s statement

Keep in mind to repeat rug colours in your room for a unified effect.




Trends that are in vogue for 2016-17

Current market trends suggest that modern carpets are ruling the season of 2016-2017 with pastel hues and light non-geometrical patterns. Landscape and portrait art has been seen as an inspiration for the bestselling carpets, with natural shapes and figures. Monochromes and the use of contrast has also been noted as a clear winner around the world. Orientals steal the center stage with fresh colour combinations and motifs that are sure to get the attention of all classic lovers! Stay in trend, and explore the character, style and picture-perfect pattern for your rugs!


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