Give Your Child The Room To Grow!

Decorating a child’s room demands a lot of careful planning with great attention to detail.Children outgrow tastes with age, barbies and toy cars become a thing of the past, and books are games soon take over as a passion. Therefore, creating the perfect space for your kid is a challenge which can be overcome by keeping a few simple design basics in mind.


Style the room by using simple, flexible furnishings that isn’t modeled on themes such as a race car fanatic or a fairytale princess’s world. Prefer Daybeds and oak wood, as they fit in with any colour palette. Leave the room spacious and airy for your toddler to play, or to house friends that will come to visit in your child’s teen years. When your child is growing up, ask them to give their opinion in the design of his/her personal haven as it will turn into a reflection of their personality in their formative years. Let them express their own creative flair through their room.

Create a timeless room for your kids by opting for a classy colour palette.  Do not overwhelm the room by using a crazy mix of brightly coloured paints but give it a elegant appeal instead, so that your child’s room can evolve with him/her. Light shades and neutral colours give you the opportunity to be ingenious with the other décor pieces in the room, which can be replaced or retouched at later stages.


Use bunkbeds or beds that function as pull-out double beds as they allow your child to plan the perfect sleepovers with their best friends. Throw in a bunch of comfortable pillows to make it the coziest refuge for your kid, and watch him/her enjoy being at home. Plan the furniture such that they double as well-planned storage spaces. Use geometric and animal prints to not let mundane into your child’s life and ensure a vibrant look. This trend, unlike childhood fads, does not face the threat of its novelty wearing off and even an adult teen will relate to it. Elegant stripes and chevron patterns in wallpapers look chic and playful at the same time!


Use iconic décor pieces that look stylish and also appeal to your child, such as hanging lighting options resembling the moon and stars. Add the final touch by adding your child’s individuality in the room by adding superhero-themed bedding, toys and other accessories that are your child’s favourite. You can also add a creatively designed wall-bookshelf to inspire your child to read!


Try these for your child and let us know how they liked it!

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