Give Your Old Furniture A New Look!

The interior world is constantly being bombarded with new trends that help homes make the perfect design statement. And everyone wants to stay on top of the game, with their home being the best example of style in their social circle. Our home is one of our most personal and prized possessions and we invest our best efforts in making it unique in its own way. We are constantly upgrading our home to make it the best reflection of our personality. Old furniture becomes less impactful as a impressive décor piece, due to wear and tear or when it goes out of style.

Reupholstered Contemporary Living Room

This is where the need to reupholster furniture comes in. If you have an ancient piece of furniture that looks out of place in your renovated home, or you find the excellent old chair or sofa at the garage sale next door, or at the incredible flea market, don’t let it go. Give reupholstering ideas a chance, and add value to your home. For this very piece is going to change the appeal of your room and set new standards of interior decoration in your circle. A little imagination and a little time can turn your boring old chair or sofa into a gorgeous new one, without you having to purchase an expensive new one. You could bring your originality into your home by creating an interesting piece, unparalleled in appeal in comparison to standard designs!

Here are a few smart ways to give your ordinary furniture a complete makeover:

  • Transform your old chair into a stunning new one by covering the back with a fabric of contrasting colour and material.
  • Take out the old furniture and cover it with a quirky and unexpected pattern, like florals or bold stripes, to give it an attractive contemporary appeal.
A Bold Print For a Modern Room
  • Jazz up an old chair or sofa with a brightly coloured velvet fabric. It will look absolutely gorgeous and steal the show at your home.
Velvet Sofa Set
  • Use other non-traditional upholstery fabrics such as a serape to redecorate your furniture.
Serape Chair and Stool
  • Play with a variety of fabrics and textures, like velvet teamed up with leather.
  • Give your furniture upholstery an edge by using piping of contrasting colour to liven up your furniture.
  • Give a delicate piece of furniture a smart and classy look by throwing a Mongolian sheepskin or a warm rug on top.
Mongolian Sheep Skin Throw
  • You can also choose two fabrics of different patterns, belonging to the same colour family, for a bold statement that is striking yet not too wild.

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