Attract Prosperity With Feng Shui!

Welcome prosperity into your home by letting Feng Shui guide the way. A lot of people believe in the power of Feng Shui to bring good luck into life, be it in your professional and personal life. Although hard work and focus on your goals will have to drive you towards wealth, and Feng Shui can only support you achieve the goals you set. You can use the trinkets wisely, in your home or office space and you can not only attract the positive energy into your life, but you can also let them add value to the décor of your interiors.

Keep the foundation of money energy strong by avoiding clutter at home or at office. You can display symbols of wealth, cures such as crystals and essential oils that spread good energy in the area. You must also make sure that your home or office has high oxygen levels, to purify it of bad energy. This can be achieved by decorating the space with plants that act as an air-purifier and also make it appear vibrant and cheerful.

Crystal Decor Piece

Invite natural light into your home, by designing big windows or balconies, and using the right kind of draperies. Trinkets like chimes and crystals fail to work if the other natural influences in your home are not attracting the positive Chi(energy) from the environment. Which is why, for Feng Shui to work to its full potential, you must build a healthy foundation for it. Also choose the right elements for the right space, depending upon the requirement and the décor appeal.

Window Trinkets

Water is believed to be symbol of abundance, across cultures. You can use Feng Shui fountains, to attract fresh Chi as it is a powerful cure. You can also use pictures and paintings of flowing water if you think your home doesn’t require a fountain. You can also replace the use of fountains and images of rivers and waterfalls, with use of mirrors, or using the colours blue and black, all of which represent the water element.


Feng Shui Fountain

Identify the money area at your home or office space and focus your efforts on it. Take care of the energy by creating the décor wisely, using wood, fire and water elements, and the appropriate Feng Shui money cures and colours. Cleanse the area of all negative energy and choose from a variety of traditional and modern items to design the place according to you. You options include an aquarium, the popular Laughing Buddha, the three-legged toad, the dragon turtle, the lucky cat, the lucky bamboo, the wealth ship, and many more!


Lucky Bamboo Pillar Tree

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