This Christmas, Let Your Home be Merry

It’s the time of the year when there is happiness all around! When you meet folks, friends, and really nobody stays a foe! When there are sweets, smiles and music all around. Yes, it is the time for jingle bells to jingle all the way. And one of the most important aspects of the celebration is the décor. Your home needs to look festive; it needs to look beautiful and inviting. So here’s a specially curated list of home décor tips from the House of Skipper Furnishings, to make your home look merry!

  • Two-on-one – Use two wreaths for the front door, instead of the conventionally used one, the entry to your home will look twice as smart.
Twin Christmas Wreaths on Front Door
  • Delicious danglers – Plastic danglers are passé. It’s Christmas. Get fun looking candies and hang them along the window with the help of a contrasting ribbon colour. This colourful yummy display will make your home a tempting view from outside.
Candy Cane Danglers
  • Nice and Nutty – Put winter’s popular nuts in a glass vase and place a candle in the middle. The colourful nuts glowing will give a warm and shining look to your home.
Nut Vase Candle Stands
  • Go quirky – Take a simple mirror and stick feathers on the periphery. They go in all different directions. You can also use paper cuttings instead of feathers. The whole idea is that they appear to dance and sway and play.
Quirky Mirror
  • Tassel no hassle – Here is an economical option for your door hanging. Try green and red tassels from your discarded salwars, on your doors, desk and chest of drawers. They look lovely.
Tassel Decorated Drawers
  • Click – Flick – use the staircase or a wall to display family photos and Christmas cards by hanging them.

As Skipper Furnishings dresses up your home for every occasion, it wants the best for your home for Christmas too. Have a splendidly merry Christmas!

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