Easy Hacks for a Stylish Home

Decorating your home is easier than it appears. All you need is some creativity and a few hours of dedication. Upgrade the style at home by tweaking the little things and make a big difference! And never face the dilemma of not being able to elevate the style quotient of your home anymore.

  • Fluff up your saggy sofas with quilt and make it look brand new. Throw a rug on it to make it look chic and gorgeous.
  • Use plastic mini blinds to make a base for creating smart Roman shades without the hassle of sewing
Plastic Blinds
  • Let your doors make a statement in style using ceiling medallions and bright paint and watch your home space transform into a dream come true!
Painted Door
  • Place mirrors strategically to make your rooms appear brighter and more spacious. Use lamps for added effect. Not only with the mirrors reflect the open areas in your rooms, but the reflected light will make your room look more stunning too.


  • If there is a shallow hole in the wall at home, or any unused corner space, fit a shoe rack in and cover it with a smart curtain. This would create the perfect mix of style and space.
  • Decorate your home with plants and use it as a natural replacement for bug repellent. Along with adding to the style at home, mosquitoes and other insects can be warded off by plants, if selected wisely.
Indoor Plant
  • Make your headboard look classier and decorative by draping it with a thin pretty blanket, a large colourful scarf or a beautiful piece of fabric and skip the cost of reupholstery.
  • Use peel-and stick wood panels on the floor to give the impression of hardwood flooring. This trick is a must try for chic homes!
  • Convert your ladders into shoe racks, towel racks, bookshelves and more to make practical pretty look at home.
Ladder Show Rack

Try these hacks and make your home look better than ever!

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