Home Hacks for the After-Party Attack!

All work and no play leave you living a dull existence, so you should work hard and party harder! Although house parties seem like a great idea, but when you wake up and face reality again, you witness the incredible mess everyone created the night before. But you need not worry anymore! We are arming you with the greatest cleanup hacks that will solve your problems in a jiffy, and make your life one big party!

  • Clean up your mattress with a bit of vodka. Put some vodka in a spray bottle and spray it over your bed and sofa to get rid of bad odours and bacteria.
Home-made Air Freshner
  • Collect pieces of broken glass with bread as it will on it easily, protecting your fingers at the same time.
Use Bread as a magnet for broken glass pieces
  • Combine antacids with some vinegar and use it to unblock your drain and sink after a party.
  • Use coca cola or other soft drink as a replacement for toilet cleaners, to do the same job immediately after the party is over without any added stress.
Coca-Cola for Toilet Cleaning
  • Your blender might be looking a glorified mess after a party and you might want to cry when you crave a smoothie early the following morning. But you don’t have to shed tears, instead just blend some liquid soap and water in it and watch it save the day!
  • Get rid of stubborn carpet stains by rubbing a bit of beer on it and keep yourself in high spirits!
  • Isn’t it disgusting to wake up and set eyes on vomit on your bathroom floor? The unbearable stench and sight can be erased from memory by covering it with ground coffee that dehydrates it and removes all traces of bad smell. Cleaning it after, becomes much easier and can be scraped with a flat cleaning tool.
Ground Coffee to Clear Vomit Smell
  • Clean up your grill nice and easy by scrubbing it with half an onion as it takes care of the dirt that remained on it from your earlier night’s party.
Half an Onion to clean the Grill
  • Get rid of water marks and stains on your glass and wooden pieces and center table by dabbing them with a wet cloth and blowing air on it with the help of your hair dryer.
Hair Dryer

Now go ahead and host the craziest parties in town, without a care in the world!


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