Personify Elegance With the Striking Collection of Ellen

Warm and light, fabrics have the sheer capability of transforming your home and mood, and with it, your life. Textures that might have even sprung from mild divinity, Ellen is the new collection of fabrics that soothes your inner mind. If you are looking to redesign your home or your work-space, Ellen would provide you with the perfect canvas- the grandeur of a painting and the simplicity of its artist.

Ellen weaves a string of elegant embroidery that could complement the upholstery and furnishing in your home. With a dash of mute colours and perfect combination of the hues sprinkled with sophistication, Ellen promises to provide your personal space with just that- personal space.


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Deriving its name from a word borrowed from the Greeks, Ellen holds true to its name of shining like a light, subtle in its glow, personifying a companion, easy to the eye.  The pallet ranges from mild yellow to silver, ochre and brown to a soothing blue that redesigns the arena where its been displayed, changing and rejuvenating both your mood and your space.

Ellen is not just a fabric, it’s a connection of you to your home.


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