Quick and Easy Home Cleaning Hacks

Does your mind keep convincing you that you just need to cleanse out the dirt that you saw in corner of your furniture a week ago? Do you find it hard to find ways to scrub off the dust in the tiny crevices of your home? These are five easy hacks that would make your OCD believe that it is easy!

  • Use an old toothbrush:

Do not throw away a used brush because nothing works miracles than the bristles of an overused tool that was created to clean the difficult-to-reach spots. Be it a window pane or the nooks and corners of the furniture covered in old dust- a toothbrush dipped in warm water and soap can scour out that stubborn layer of dust.

Clean window panes with old toothbrushes
  • Cotton buds:

The best part about the buds is that they are small, made of cotton, and come with a plastic handle that is easy to manoeuvre. If you find yourself in a fix and a rag seems too large for the indented hole, cotton buds can come very handy.

  • Butter knife:

Vacuum clean the vents that are tiny and impossible to reach with the help of Liquid Colin or its like to make the dirt come loose, then wrap a thin towel cloth on a butter knife and swipe the vent with it, making the towel act as sponge to the dirt.

Clean vents with butter knives
  • Paint brushes:

With the fine turn of the soft bristles, gunk and dirt can easily find themselves being shifted to the corner and then whirled out. Paint brushes have the advantage of being handy, with a long handle that even a non-artist can use to his benefit.

  • Post Its:

Use the sticky side of the Post-Its to navigate through places that are narrow, like the crevices of the keyboard of the sideline of the almirah. The debris would easily get stuck to the gentle glue and find its way out.

Clean up with post its

Home care is not the easiest job in the world but it is the easiest when you know how to make it easy. Using these home cleaning hacks, you could reduce your everyday workload and even, to some extent, enjoy cleaning!


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