Revamp Your Balcony into a Cosy Space!

What is the most overlooked yet indispensable room in your house? The tiny balcony in the corner of your home that either is used to dry your clothes or stuff things in like your old storeroom. However, there are ways in which even your verandah can look cute without even much of use of brainstorming or interior designing. Here are three ways in which you can revamp your balcony:

  • Turn it into a garden:

Flowerpots and the aroma that homely flowers entail cannot only change the look of your balcony, but also the feel of your house. Use the corners to string in your favourite plants or hanging trees and creepers along the walls that would accentuate the curve and nooks of your home. You could also use a mini faucet with lighting if the space is enough large, so that your evenings would be nothing short of a colourful paradise, right in your house.

Balcony Garden
  • Outdoor dining table :

If you have space, neatly adjust a small dining table facing the morning sun, do it! Wooden and pretty, an outdoor dining area can boost your appetite and also provide logical space to your otherwise unused verandah.

Balcony Dining
  • Rock garden and wooden flooring:

Want a backyard garden in your house? Rock garden with fake grass flooring could be the go when you don’t want anything bright in front of your balcony but still want that green around. Soft to walk or sit on, fake grass and the side-wooden flooring can appropriately give you the feel of living in the country right in the midst of the city!

Balcony Rock Garden

Home and interior decoration becomes easy when you have that part of the house sorted out that needs the least sorting. These were simple ways in which you can make your verandah beautiful, without even trying much.

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