5 ways to make your guestroom inviting!

Just as much as you think your bedroom reflects your lifestyle and personality, guestrooms have a way of showing how you treat the space in your place which is not strictly personal and also land a solid impression on your guests- considering how they might be spending most of their time there.

It is not hard to decorate your guestroom, and here are few homely and easy ways in which you can do so:

  1. Wallpapers: Neutral is the way to go when you are deciding what to paint your guestroom since the platter is sober and efficient at mixing with the general mood. But when it comes to wallpapers, the guestroom should have at least one wall in its entirety covered with a creative and energetic wallpaper, the other three, either wallpapers of the lighter texture and shade, or the paint of your choice.
Neutral Walls
  1. Curtains: The texture of the curtain decides the mood of the room, so if your guestroom is supposed to create the aura of beauty and boldness, the curtains should be of the same complexion all the while complementing the paint of the room and the furniture.
Neutral Curtains
  1. Cushion covers: The pillows of the guestroom should be very vigilantly chosen since it would be the most comfortable and yet the most stylish attraction of the room. Pillowcases are the basic means of showcasing your creativity, be it a flower pattern or the structure of a cartoon or one that gives the aura of sophistication. Cushion-covers are the king eye-candy of the room.
Sophisticated Curtains
  1. Furniture:  Light and spacious, there should not be a lot of wooden blockades in the room. A bed, side tables, lamp shades, dressing table and sofa cum resting chair are the bare minimum and if the room is properly decorated with accessories, could also be the bare maximum. Positioning plays the key role.
Spacious Guestroom
  1. Accessories:  Accessories can be used to naturally decorate the rest of the room. Rugs and carpets are mandatory since they cover the floor and provide the aura of completion to the room. Extras could include photo frames cumulated on a wall, a pretty wind chime on the window, a quote inscribed on the wall, anything that suits your fancy and your eye could be placed, strategically and creatively, in your guest room.
Rug to Complement the Sophisticated Look

Guestrooms need not be the expression of your pocket, but it must be adaptable enough to suit the bliss of of your guests, and most importantly, it should be sufficient enough to suit the bliss of yourself

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