Spring Fresh Fabric Collection from Skipper furnishings!

With the onset of spring and its warm contemporary, summer, the ambiance of the house changes with the atmosphere. The aura around the house changes its mood and the vitals in one’s room should glow in its bask too. Fabrics and textures, when chosen right, can perpetuate spring with its vibrancy and hold good the season of flowers right in the living room. Eden is a new collection of such elegant fabrics that look like they have been carved by a painter’s hand, with their variant and radiant hues splashed across the texture mixing and converging to form the most beautiful canvas.

_DSC0002-5 Horizontal back page collage 11.jpg
Cushion Covers

Eden is a compilation of printed fabrics with brilliant, vivid and subtle combination of impressions that have been inspired by the picturesque tropical colours, the confetti that hang during the festivals and the joy of stripes and bolted bright flowers. It covers curtains and cushion cases that enamour the pigment of floras, like the artwork of an artist magnified, who sat down in an over glowing park, hand-picking shades from the nature for his latest portrait. Printed pink, orange, splashed ochre, subtle blue and variant shades of green in combinations of stripes and polka dots encompasses the painter’s palette, giving the fabrics a distinction of their own.

_DSC0005-4 Horizontal back page collage 2.jpg

It engages in its beauty while complementing the boldness of furnishing and the upholstery of one’s home; the texture of Eden and its overall range resonates with the contemporary youth, appealing the eye and soothing the tired mind. Home décor should change with the season, keeping in tune with the beauty both inside, and outside of your window, spreading out and filling in the colours of your soul, just like the artist with a brush, painting his first of the spring in his home.


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