How Fragrance Can Enrich Your Homes

The amount of effort put in, generally, to make our homes look visually appealing contrasts so much to the little we do to make it comfortable to our other senses. Sometimes, a long lost smell triggers a memory, certain aromas rest peacefully in our minds, easing us into tranquility. Homes should always feel beautiful to all our senses, including our only nose. So here are few tips that would help evocate the presence of our house with the help of subtle happy scents:

  • Candles:
    Numerous fragrances shaped in the most beautiful of packages, the aroma of these shimmering silent candles can sooth the exhaustion of the entire day. Not only does it give a low glow in the bask of its light, it surrounds and envelops the room with its very uniquely created fragrances that are based on seasons, mood, colours, fruits, flowers and so much more, sometimes, even customised to your personality.
Beautiful candles with flowers on wooden background
Scented Candles

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  • Incensed Sticks:
    I remember my grandfather going around the house with these long sticks with slightly greyish smoke coming from its end during the evenings. I remember feeling different during those twilights, the house seemed to have changed suddenly into something happy, something new.
    Incensed sticks have now come in all shapes and forms with all kinds of scents that you could hope for. Put them in a vase on one side of your room or hang them near your verandah or living room and over the years, look at it changing the little things of your life.
Incense Stick

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  • Herbs, spices and flowers:
    Something in its most natural state would always stimulate your senses, they are powerful and effective.
    Flowers, needless to say, provide beauty to both eye and the mind, their presence can enrich a home. Perfumes fall short of the natural scent of a flower, and so does synthetic herbs in front of naturally grown ones, who enunciate their own kind of aroma. Spices, on the other hand, can be low boiled for some time that would immediately release a collection of their scents that were bound for just the taste before. Those used in the kitchen everyday can surprisingly, be very handy in this respect.
Home-made Air Freshener

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  • Other random tips:
    Baking soda and white vinegar are easily available and have a strong scent that mixes easily with the atmosphere, just like when we are blissfully hit by the smell of a baking cake before the cake is even made. Essential oils too, are impactful and brilliant with its aromas that can very effectively make your house smell subtly really good. Woody scents to smell of different natural trees and floras to adaptable synthetic ones, all work great to fragrant your home.

It is very essential that you feel good when you enter your house,  be it a party or a tired solitary sleep at your crib, fragrances can go a long, long way in reminding you that you are, in fact, in your home.

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