Mistakes to Avoid While Arranging Your Living Room

Living room is the face of your house that mirrors the rooms and its grandeur and it very necessary that the living room looks equally inviting and comforting and thus, should be arranged in such a way that looks well decorated, practically and creatively, since arranging or re-decorating your living room can go wrong in many little way thereby cluttering the space.

  • Do not place furniture in front of doors:

Entryways should be clear enough for people to have enough room to pass through, to and fro. There should be enough space between the furniture and the entrance of the living room to allow someone to pave their way in or out.  Plants should not be placed directly in front of doors but at the corner of the room, similarly, the furniture in the living room should have a distance of at least 3 feet from the living room’s door.

Keep furniture away from the door-way

Photo Courtesy: http://www.decoist.com

  • Around the walls:

Furniture or any other tangible, non-living, occupant of the living room should have at least 3 feet of distance from the walls of the living room. This is because such a distance would enable a person to roam around uninhibitedly without bumping into the edges of the furniture or into the walls. It would also give the room enough room space to look organised, and giving the appearance of being full but not cluttered.

Furniture around the wall

Photo Courtesy: http://www.tablet24h.com

  • Never clutter the centre:

This is a regular mistake that people make which catches the eye of anyone that enters the living room, the centre of the room looks cramped with the over bearance of furniture only because they haven’t been properly placed and therefore, give the illusion of centring all of them in the middle. Place the furniture in such a way that they do not look too close to the wall or to the centre.

Clutter free living room

Photo Courtesy: http://www.homedit.com

  • Proper placement of rugs:

It is imperative that if a carpet or a rug is chosen to be placed, it should be placed such that it either comes in the coverage zone of leg room or it completely does not- that is- that either it should cover such an area that would require the feet to be placed on it completely, or not. It should end with the placement of furniture in the room, not jutting out, so that it does not come halfway in the way of walking, thus creating imbalance.

Proper placement of rug
  • Symmetry of accessories:

Be it lamps or plants or statues, the living room should not look like it has been occupied by them, the accessories in the living room should be placed closer to the walls than to the centre. It is important that it does not come in the way of people walking so that they either bump into a small pot plant or get hit by the edge of the lampshade.

Maintain proper symmetry

Photo Courtesy: http://redesign4more.com

Arranging and decorating a living room is both an art and a use of science, since it requires proper calculation of such a method of placement that doesn’t stand out and also soothes the eye. The living room is the home of the home, and it should be decorated just enough that it feels light so that it make its inhabitants feel so too.


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