This Season, Paint Your Walls White, and Here is why!

White is symbol of innocence and purity while at the same time, giving the vibe of sophistication and elegance. It is the basis and the mother of all colours, encompassing all the hues that we know, it is natural in its beauty in a home. Your walls and ceiling seem brighter and larger than usual when painted white and it gives off the aura of pristine refinement and simplicity, a perfect combination of you and what you see yourself as.

Here are the benefits of painting your house white:

  • It makes the room look brighter:

White reflects light, all the colours that we are bits and parcels of it, and therefore when light falls on something white, the colour reflects it. In a home, the major benefit of having white painted walls is the reflection of light around the room- it makes the room livelier and brighter. It cuts down on the cost during the day compared to walls painted a darker colour that naturally dampens the reflection of light.

White makes the room look brighter!

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  • Makes the room look spacious:

Have you seen shops that use huge mirrors on the walls to give an illusion of a bigger room than what it is? White walls do the same, they tend to look expansive and converging away from themselves making the room look bigger. The concept of light reflection applies here too and this is why it is advisable to always colour your ceilings white- it makes the room feel lighter and more tranquil while at the same time- making it look spacious.

…and more spacious!

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  • Allows Emphasis:

White is a great backdrop for anything and everything, it will bring out the colours in whatever you put in front of it. We have seen photos now with white backdrops going around the social media, that is because, the hue in any object seems more emphasised when it comes in front of the pure white. Use this concept to put sober coloured furniture in the room that would not be loud, and still stand out.


White emphasizes other colours!

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  • Creates Contrasts:

The thing about white is, it will come to look beautiful when contrasted with any colour. Put your television against the wall or put linen sheets on your bed and all of them would contrast beautifully to the whiteness as a backdrop. Symmetries would take shape and white being white, it would form a subtle aura of forward decoration in terms of contrast in colour of accessories and furniture.

White leaves space for striking contrasts!

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  • Symbolisation:

White is the colour of peace, innocence and purity. When you colour your house white, it oozes out a sense of faith, opulence and finesse. It makes you look a class apart, giving you and your house an aura of style and grace. When you colour your house white, it makes everything in it, including you, look beautiful, and at its core, very elegant.

White intensifies mental peace!

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