Give a sophisticated touch to your space with our elegant collection of Royce

Carved with intricate designs, Royce is a new fabric collection that captures the elegance of your home. Comprising of velvety colours such as golden yellow to dark chocolate brown and even light maroon, it is a classic, as a fabric, that gives out the aura of being vintage without seeming out of place.
Untitled-2 copy.jpg
Royce Cushion Covers
Gold and silver provides the basis of the texture that can complement any furniture at your home. Be it pillow cases or curtains, Royce imprints with designs so beautiful and detailed that it is both contemporary and easy to the eye. Magnificent to look at, Royce also has a comfortable texture which adds to the elegance it ensues.
Subtle and powerful, the Royce collection is not too bright or can ease into the ambiance of any given season. The fabric is light with a mixed combination of velvet, silk and polyester that is defined majorly by its play of colours and the designs that pave into each other so effortlessly.
Royce upholstery fabric
Royce is brilliant in its elegance and elegant in its beauty. Sophisticated and and at the same time, stylish, Royce encompasses the perfect flow of hues in a palette designs that stands out and enriches a home and its life

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