Use Vintage decor this season to re-invent your home

It’s always a cycle, the trends coming and the trends going out of style and like history repeats itself, the same old trends make a stylish comeback. This season, use these vintage décor ideas to reinvent your home and give it a classical edge:

  • Use Floral Wallpapers:

It was a huge hit back in the ‘50s where your great-grandparents might have had them instead of actual paint of the walls. Floral wallpapers look light on the eyes and refreshing, and vintage if they’re not done too loud.

Floral Wallpaper

Photo Courtesy:

  • Poster Bed:

You must have seen Poster beds in really old houses of the past, in movies that were made then or were portraying that era. Poster beds are the coolest when it comes to being trendy and also classy, it has a charm of its own which will guarantee – impress you.

Poster Bed

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  • Decorative Plates:

Decorative plates are used to hang as frames on the walls and they are becoming a routine again. Use different types of plates this season to fill your bare walls and have a total vintage feel to your house at the same time.

Decorative Vintage Plates
  • Floral Laced Curtains:

Have you seen kitchens with white floral and lacy curtains that half covered the window and half allowed the gorgeous sunshine in? They are back, with the same yet unique designs that bring out the beauty of the kitchen and help give a very distinct look to your curtains.

Floral Laced Curtain

Photo Courtesy:

  • Large Quilts:

In the old times, quilts were not only extremely functional but also very fashionable; they’d make elaborate decorations of their quilts in those times and display them with pride. Quilts are in again and are fast becoming trendy as always.

Vintage Quilts

Photo Courtesy:

  • Stitched Hoop Art:

So many times, I have seen my grandmother diligently stitch together what seemed like the hardest loop of decorative art ever. But guess what, they are very much in use these days again in display, instead of expensive paintings, people are now going back to use their old stitched hoop art as a fantastic means of display.

Stitched Hoop Art

Photo Courtesy:

  • Wooden Trunks:

Huge trunks were used in the past to store away the precious and the unnecessary as a use in the daily life. They were generally kept in the side of the room and more often than not, were used for multiple other purposes. Paint it stylish for a trendy new look for that side of your room that is generally empty.

  • Doilies:

Pretty modernized too, doilies are made by sewing together the cloth pieces and they have become trendy in the replacement of tablecloths. Doilies which were long gone have re-appeared and how, and they are making a fashion statement for a house in themselves.

Doily Wall Hanging


  • China Cabinets:

Our grandmother’s precious china cabinets are one of the most classic decorative furniture that is exceptionally useful and just so brilliantly beautiful at the same time. There is a reason why your grand mom’s pride lay in it and why she got furious if you happened to touch it. It really is beautifully vintage.

Everything old is so new now- as it always happens, time comes back in loops. Vintage feel to houses make your home stand out and not only that, they give an aura of complete comfort and instantly grabs everyone’s attention. Vintage décor is simple and effective, and before long, you’d be going back to the vintage that the present will one day be called.

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