This summer, adorn your home with a splash of marigold!

Spring is here and so is holi when colours blend into each other to form a surprisingly beautiful hue, so this season, brighten your house to meet the happiness of the weather and the festival by oozing in the very refreshing marigold colour in your house, and here is how:

  • Use Marigold coloured bedsheet:
    Nothing brightens up the day like a bright colour, and what would it feel like to have woken up surrounded by it? Buy bedsheets that have bright hues sprinkled here and there to elevate your mood throughout the day.
Marigold Bedsheet


Photo Courtesy:

  • As covers of chairs or pillows:
    Be it dining table or the lonely chair in the background, marigold coloured cases with checks or patterned designs can go a long way in gibing an entire room a different sense of colour and mood.
Marigold Chair Cover

Photo Courtesy:

  • Use switchboards of marigold:
    Very easy to infuse with the surroundings especially if your room is painted light, marigold coloured switchboards are very in now- they do not stand out weird and still attract the eye, giving the entire ambience of the room a pleasant look.


  • Vases:
    Spring is here and so are flowers, so fill your marigold vase with some marigold flowers and let your window pane look (and smell) fresh like the new day.
Marigold Flower Vase

Photo Courtesy:

  • Door or drawer knobs:
    Subtle and not starkly spectacular to the eye, marigold coloured doorknobs or drawer knobs can complement your darkened door and look gentle and welcoming. They are easily available and can be coated with refined colour and look beautiful all the same.


  • Fabrics:
    Curtains and carpets and rugs are a very good choice for changing the environment around your home. They are casual and don’t look starkly odd since it goes well with the weather outside, bright, sunny and warm.
Marigold Curtain

Photo Courtesy:
The colour is vibrant and occasionally cheerful, marigold represents beauty at its finest with a lot of fun infused in its midst. Summer is approaching fast and symbolically, everything from the Sun to the leaves reflect yellow and orange, so why no, this season, blend the hue around your home too?


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