Saal Ka Maha Furnishing Sale is Back!

Imagine completely renovating your home, or accommodating those trendy decors you saw online and never thought you could afford. Adding in new pillow covers for the upcoming festivals or hoarding gorgeous curtains to adorn it before inviting your guests- all those ideas can now be converted into reality because Skipper Furnishings has brought forward the annual Maha sale where the most trending, comfortable and stunning home decors are now available for half their price, yes half!

Get a whopping 60% discount on curtains, cushion covers, bedsheets, shower curtains, door mats, and laundry bags. Upholstery fabrics in all their elegance and sophistication will now be available for 50% their price. It is the perfect time and opportunity to give an all-over makeover to your home and assemble those collections you only ever dreamed of- from fabric change to myriad decor essentials- all your needs can be comfortably met at very reasonable and fashionable prices!

Come to your nearest Skipper store and shop to your heart (and home’s) content, because saal ka maha furnishing mela is here so exploit this annual maha-sale, because Summer is just round the corner so would you not invite it for a change of space?


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