Spectacular curtain trends of 2017!

Like all trends, curtains have re-shaped into different layers, patterns, forms and designs to take up the market and accustom it to its style. The curtains have seen days of heavy layering, frills and laces, valances and even absurd patterns. Currently in vogue are these tremendous treatments that are so sprightly and manageable that they wouldn’t go wrong:

  • Layering:

Layers never go out of trend, mostly because they are majorly the basis of every pattern of shades, but colours that blend instead to those that contrast are currently in style. Instead of incorporating and juxtaposing, different layered and coloured curtains together with a different coloured rod, try rods that do not outshine the colour of the curtains and its layers- and for that, make sure the rod spans to the entire width of the window.

Layered Curtain
  • Pleats:

Very much in style now, you would find pleated curtains in almost every home. From Inverted Pleats that are a mass favourite for its lighter tone in complementing the modern décor to drapes that are pinched in the pleats which shout Elegance, pleats are known for being informal and contemporaneous.

Pleated Curtain

Photo Courtesy: http://www.dunelm.com

  • Woven Shades:

Have you seen blinds that have been stitched together and those that make it evident that they have been stitched together? Wooden or metallic, shades that are woven are extremely and increasingly becoming famous to indicate a change in the style of home. They are one of those trends that when you see them somewhere, you know instantly think of them as cool. Currently, they work the best.

Woven Shades Curtain
  • Rolled Blinds:

They were trending once long ago but went out of style and now re in again, rolled blinds seem vintage and are in fact, very convenient to use. They only require slightly more work with opening the blinds but their horizontal gaps are fine and precise and seem very contemporary to the eye.

Roller Blind

Photo Courtesy: http://customblindswa.com

  • Coloured sheers:

They are the most pretty of the lot and seem the most beautiful and fresh when looked upon. Match it with light coloured walls and dark coloured rods, their blend of colours and light texture make them seem the most pretty and feather-like light things in the world. Add on very little designs, they form the best informal treatment of curtains that there is.

Sheer Curtain

Photo Courtesy: www.etsy.com

  • Patterned:

Patterns, like layers, are omnipresent. Only their designs keep changing- from stripes to florals to intricate and detailed ones- patterns can complement and highlight both the duvet of the bed and also the colour of the walls’ paint. The only trick lies in understanding your taste and incorporating it to match the window, rods and the home’s space.

Curtains are a symbol of privacy; they are the window of the window and the most necessary décor in the room. They are adorned as the tiara of casement and therefore, their style and design should be thought over as if they are the crown of the room. Trending drapes and blinds have the subtle (and mostly overlooked) power of making a huge difference to a room.

So, choose the kind of curtain according to your taste that will go well with the mood of your home sweet home. Visit your nearest Skipper store or our website at www.skipperhomefashions.com  to pick and choose among some prettiest and amazingly designed curtains that will immediately provide your room a brand new makeover.



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