Give your home a rustic, farmhouse vibe!

How many times have we strung our luggage to go have a mini-vacation in the countryside, to be in a rustic dwelling with the farmhouse feel to escape the routine of daily life? Abodes in the far off suburbs naturally have the rustic feel, but it isn’t really all that hard to compose it to where we permanently live.
So, here are a few ways in which you can infuse the feel of that country-side farmhouse right in your own home:

  • Gallery Walls:
    Homes in towns have this unique way of filling up bare white walls, they use frames that showcase random things, from a arbitrary word to a hand-drawn casual painting to a strings of wood-carved signs. They hang them either just outside the entrance or right in the middle of the living room or that lonely corridor in the back. Makes the home look lively and beautiful.
Gallery Wall
  • Bamboo-Chair:
    This is patent of the homes in the suburbs where they have huge khatiyas made up of bamboo for sitting or sleeping at leisure. You probably would have seen them pleasantly placed amidst a large verandah where anyone can sit dow n for a tea of happily lay for an afternoon nap. They look rustic and decent, are affordable and also, appealing to the eye.
Wicker Furniture

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  • Wooden Furniture:
    Instead of chairs, use long tables in the dining room. Wooden and even sometime white, tables placed as such look important and pristine and do not stand out in the eye. They feel relaxed and not crowded, and give an overall country feel to the dining place.
Wooden Furniture

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  • Baskets:
    Baskets are used as a carrier for most of the things instead of plastic bags, and why not. Jute and bamboo baskets look exceptionally pretty with the backdrop of everything pristine and are also, unsurprisingly, easier to handle. They make up a great décor idea where you leave them stocked up in a pile on the side and they would look like an arranged showpiece from another time.
  • Ceramic Pots and China- Utensils:
    If you have visited the country-side and have seen your grandmother’s cabinet in her living room, you would have noticed  that they are seamlessly filled with the gorgeous collection of pots and utensils. China plates are the best rural method of display and so are ceramic pots that look pretty and inviting and rich to a rather primeval home. They only add to the beauty, nothing less, nothing more.
Ceramic Pots
  • Transparent Jars:
    Huge, huge white jars are used in the kitchen, and not just only there, but also for decoration where you can put the prettiest of flowers in the transparent jar and it’ll reflect like almost soothingly to give a very relaxed aura.
Transparent Jar

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  • Shelves and accessories:
    White-painted shelves with a touch of brown and grey look classy and pastoral and give a pretty look to a rather unattended shelf . Adorn your shelf with showpieces made out of wooden carvings to give it an overall look. More than that, you could hang colourful yet simple accessories off a hook on the ceiling to give your home a more refreshed and rural look.

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  • Reading Nook:
    There are corners in our homes that we always dream of making exclusively  ours and a reading nook is precisely benefitted for that. Use a sofa or a very relaxed chair and place it near a window or a bookshelf. Use accessories to lightly decorate the space and pillow covers and warm blankets around the sofa to furnish a cosy and unperturbed ambience.
Reading Nook

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Having a rustic dwelling is not demanding, in fact, it is the easiest and the most simplistic way to decorate your home. The furnishing seems light and the décor is kept soothing and it really creates a special, countryside atmosphere in your home, and what is more, something so out-of-the-city is easily available too. Skipper Furnishing is offering Foress in its most beautiful, adorned and soothing semblance of rustic vibe so visit your nearest Skipper Store to inculcate, capture and infuse the essence of this farmhouse feel right in your home!

Foress Collection by Skipper Furnishings
Foress Collection by Skipper Furnishings

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