Decorate your staircase to attune it the style of your home!

One of the most creative parts of the house is the one that is most overlooked, the decor around the staircase is generally neglected either because people are unaware of the methods in which they could be decorated or they do not pay attention to them. Therefore, here are a few techniques and tips to wreathe the space near or around your staircase:

  • Patterned Wallpaper:
    You have seen the walls beautified with wallpapers to give them a customised and unique look, well, staircases can be given a new look with wallpapers too. Use a theme or create a new pattern on the steps of the staircase that overall, provides a brilliant and lovely picture.

Choose the right kind of wallpaper for your space from a wide range of wallpaper collection at your nearest Skipper Furnishings store.

Patterned Wallpaper

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  • Fairy Lights:
    Why wait for Diwali to take out those fairy lights? Do a Stranger Thing and pull off Winona Ryder and brighten the over-used and over-neglected part of your house. Spiral that light string of lights around the baluster and if in a mood, create patterns out of them too. Nothing would make you happy than staring at them, fairy lights have their own kind of magic.
Fairy Lights

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  • Tree Wall:
    This one is widely used and the most popular of them all, use the wall of the staircase to create a scenery of your choice- paint it or wallpaper it. Trees with their branches elegantly jutting out with leaves embroidered on them of different colours, light and pleasant, can a give a different aura not only to your staircase but also to your room.
Tree Wall Art

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  • Book Nook or Storeroom:
    Do a Harry Potter and create a closet under the stairs as a separate storeroom or use the unnecessarily unused space to make a cosy, warm and charming book-nook. Use a comfy sofa and pretty pillows to give a warm homey feeling to the space that would soon, if you are a bookworm, become your very personal and special place to spend time in.
Book Nook

Photo Courtse:

  • Photo Wall:
    Where better to frame your old and new laminated photos than the unused wall near the staircase? And what is spectacular about this is the fact that due to the basic discrepancy of a staircase being an open ascent of floor, the wall pops out as a brilliant display and a perfect scope for the setting of the photo frames.
Photo Wall

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  • Bookshelf:
    Bookshelf can be incorporated along the staircases in many forms- vertically along the baluster and in tune with the steps or under the stairs in a range of shelves or on the wall, individually, as a work of display. If your house lacks shelves to inculcate the addiction of reading and purchasing books, using a bookshelf as a basis for a staircase would act as an idiom of hitting two birds with one stone.

Staircases strangely, form a vivid and dazzling display of show-it can be used most creatively as an exhibit or can be used to maximise the utilisation of unused space. Either way, staircases should not be neglected as something just to walk on- its barricades and steps can be vamped and decorated enough to go a long way to reflect and complement the décor of the rest of the house.

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