5 essentials to decorate your dream bedroom!

At the end of a day of pure chaos, there is just one place you can take refuge to; your bedroom. Bedroom is personal, thus bedroom should breath an air of comfort and style you love. It is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation every day. Take time to think about the character and ambience you want to create in your bedroom that gives you a sense of belonging. Colours, soft furnishings, textures, floorings everything you choose to decorate your bedroom should aim at creating a safe haven for some quality time with family followed by a tranquil sleep.

  1. Colour of the wall:

Colours are mood enhancers. While picking the colour for your bedroom, keep in mind that it can actually affect the quality of your sleep. Green, blue, white, peach are the excellent choices for bedroom walls. Green has a refreshing and healing effect while blue is soothing and serene. White and peach walls help reducing stress leaving you calm and peaceful at bedtime. You can also choose vintage, colourful wallpapers matching the wall colour to make your bedroom a distinguished, joyful retreat.

Peach Bedroom Walls

Photo Courtesy: http://mulberrylanehomes.com

  1. A comfortable rug:

Putting the first step on an incredibly soft rug stepping out of the bed is bliss. A cold, hard floor at your feet just after waking up spoils the mood immediately. Whereas, a cushy, comforting, beautiful rug provides you the warmth you need after a beautiful sleep to elongate the relaxed and happy mood for some more time.

Soft and Cosy Carpet
  1. Right amount of throw pillows:

How to decide the right amount of throw pillows that should be kept on bed? Have enough pillows to make the bedroom look sumptuous and inviting. But do not put too many as it could lead to visual clutter. According to your bed size, put three to six pillows to get that cozy and personal feel.

Throw Pillows

Photo Courtesy: http://pineloon.com

  1. A great mattress:

No matter how beautiful your bedroom is until you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress that provides you the happy sleep every day. While choosing mattress for your most personal space, make sure it looks great as well as supports your body leaving you all rejuvenated and refreshed. Choose a mattress and foundation height that goes well with the height of your night tables and window sills.

  1. Right curtains:

Curtains make a room, if chosen correctly! Right fabric and right colour of curtains determine the mood of your bedroom. If your bedroom gets lot of light, it is smart to avoid bright colours. Hanging panels higher than the window give a sense of height to the room. If you plan to use the curtains to shut out the sun ensure curtain fullness by right measurements.

Window Curtain

Photo Courtesy: http://fendhome.com

Last but not the least, add some drama! Let your bedroom speak for you. With the brightest and most cheerful features in your cozy corner add some glamour to make it look more subtle. Beautiful nightstands, books corner, photographs, wooden details on flooring, minimalistic furniture, or the collection of things you love…let them add that spunk to your bedroom that put on a smile on your face whenever you enter.

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