Five Pillow Types and their uses for your home!

Pillows, inclusive of being an absolutely indispensable and essential comfort to our heads, are a very technical decorative item for the house. Use it well and your entire décor will come off brilliantly, handle it loosely and instantly, it would seem peculiar and out of place. For such an overlooked item, pillows can have various different varieties to choose from depending on need, function, choice and taste. Here are five different types of pillows that you can use around your house:

  • Seating Pillows:
    As seen in many Japanese homes, there are proper, distinctive floor pillows used to give a balance and a support to the knee. Be it a seating cushion or just an additional seating comfort, these pillows come in all shapes, colour and sizes and are extremely useful both in terms of the décor and luxury.
Floor Pillows

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  • Pouf:
    Infamous and mostly unheard, poufs are classic pillow styles that are propping as a home décor all over the country. Being mostly spherical, poufs are portable and handy and can be used in most of the ways- be it as a simply displayed decorative item or a seating in your chair. Available in embroidered texture that is extremely soft to touch, Poufs are durable and classy in their own functional way.

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  • Accent Pillows:
    By far the most common use of pillows, accent pillows is used in any sphere of our life. Be in the car to give us the support in our backseat or our small reading nooks, accent pillows are very widely acknowledged as the most used item of home furnishing. Even so, choosing accent pillows could need much thought; they’re accustomed to go with the size of your furniture to the colour of our walls. Patterned, simple, stitched, embroidered, textured and of various fabric, a lot can be mixed as a trend and chosen from.
Accent Pillow

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  • Bedroom Pillows:
    Bedroom pillows call for comfort, they should be feather light, (literally too, as the most common ones are made of feathers) and soft as cotton (bound from that too.) Bedroom pillows can also be made from synthetic material like basic filling and foam, and all tend to conform to the need for solace. Delicate coating and durable, bedroom pillows can be chosen from different sizes and colours relating to the theme of the bedroom and their furniture.
Bedroom Pillows

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  • Decorative Pillows:
    In trend last year, was emoticon-pillows that came in circular yellow shapes depicting the various moods and expressions of a humanly-virtual face. Decorative pillows do not condone trends are mostly always inspired by them. They can be placed on the bed along with Bedroom Pillows to accentuate one’s preferences or on a sofa to complement the Accent Pillows. They are dependent directly to the user’s taste and have been widely accepted, now, as an obligatory use of home furnishing.
Decorative Pillows for Couch

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Long gone are the days when pillows were simple and plain and accustomed only to the use in their basic sense. Right in the middle of any room, pillows have now become an industry in their own right where different types and uses of pillows inspire different methods in which they can be used as a home décor. In the present day, if we were to define in economic terms, pillows have moved on from just being a necessity to being a sole need of comfort to now, being a luxury, an imperative piece of home furnishing.
Therefore, get decorative or simple pillows from your nearest Skipper Store and use it to your comfort and fancy, conforming it to as you wish it to be

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