Invite the bohemian décor in your space in these 5 ways

The Bohemian vibe has trickled down not just to the clothing line but also, to furnishing style. Home décor has taken greatly to the collection and aura that a bohemian style of furnishing provides and it has taken the décor-world by storm now. The flair tends mostly to anything and everything- warm, chic, polished, patterned or simply textured. The beauty of Bohemian lies in mixing and not mixing, letting the creativity of the mundane and the design flow through you and your space. So here are five ways in which you can match your home to the vibe of Boho!

  • Casual and free bedding: 

    You probably have seen this in movies but free bedding is the most comfortable and inexpensive style of boho that frees not just your home space to the choice and combination of necessity, comfort and luxury, but it also frees your head space. Casual floor bedding with the cosiest collection of blankets, pillows and soft accessories- throw in whatever pleases your ecstasy and you will have your own bohemian style.

    Boho Casual Floor Bed

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  • The unique collage on art wall: 

    Art is subjective, but an art wall is relative. Paintings to splashes frames of colours to vintage drawings available on street corners put the random and the different together on your wall and you’d have the strangely soothing and most unique assortment of collage wall. It will be your proud thing of boho beauty, that wall of art.

Boho Wall Art

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  • Compile diverse décor genres: 

    Bohemian décor, being a trendy and distinctive décor  in its own right, can be contrasted and composed of several other styles. Be it a four poster bed of the classical times or the sleek and poised curtains and their rods that poses a different style, to a chandelier from the Victorian era or the farmhouse-rustic and country vibe- contrast and create the most comfortable panache from the bohemian life.

Boho Decor

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  • Use snug and warm lighting: 

    Any place would become cosy if the lighting is dimmed and made snuggly and light. Bohemian décor’s major contribution comes not with the mixture of texture, patterns or palettes (though they do form a huge part of it) but with the lighting that seems effortless and cordial. Bohemian décor can be brightened with the side corners of the bedroom or hall with warm lighting that does not dim the already furnished and beautified décor.

Boho Lighting

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  • Palette it with hues and your creativity: 

    Bohemian style washes up the filters you use on the pictures on your phone to palette it in real life. Use your favourite colours in the rhyme of glasses or chair-cushions or window panes like those of the castles of Rajasthan and print the boho hue into your home with bedsheets and pillow covers of all those colours that suit your fancy and your dream home.

Vibrant Boho Colours

Photo Courtesy:

Bohemian is freedom in all expressions, its style means to mix and match, the beauty that lies in trial and error, the uniqueness of mundane and the ordinary all propped together and the art that comes from flowing freely in and with your choice. Home furnishing becomes trendy, funky and contemporary with the essence of boho that portrays and juxtaposes the little vibes of your personality into your home and life.
Skipper Furnishings, therefore, is launching its Boho Collection, Gypsiville this season and you would soon dwell in it by visiting your nearest Skipper Home Fashion Stores!

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