A summer makeover of your home with the sea and beach!

Summer is here and so is the unforgiving heat but the sea canopies the coast with its cycle of daily coolness, such that the temperature does not fluctuate to the extremes. If you live amidst the city noises and the bustling of the mundane, inland life and want to feel the breeze of the ocean, the serenity of the sea and your feet gently walking on the beach- transform your home with these five tips to invite the calmness of the ocean and the gentle sea breeze to your house, to let this scorching summer pass with ease:-

  • Sea-drenched paintings:

    Like the sea lapping on the sides of the overbearing ship from Narnia caught in a painting come to life, a home transforms to catch the breezy wind of the sea when it has projections of it hanging around on its walls. Whether you love the sea or not, a painting with the beach and the ocean hung in your living room holds the ability to transport you to the aura of sitting on a beach, right in your home.  As Murakami portrays in ‘Kafka on the Shore’, paintings aren’t just art, they’re the anchors of what you wish to call home.

Sea Beach Painting

Photo Courtesy: es.aliexpress.com

  • Beachy accessories:

    A nautical rope canopy hung from the ceiling, a shell framed mirror, accented vases carved with mermaids, picnic basket storage, pastel coloured frames and a breezy and braided rug- your home would naturally give off the essence of being a cottage languidly situated on some beach. Accessories play a great role in theming your home, they are the projections of what is not there, but puzzle pieces you can put together to make it look at it is so.

Beach Inspired Living Room

Photo Courtesy: decoholic.org

  • Sandy hue and ocean’s colours:

    Some colours trick our brains into assenting to the idea of being present in a different ambience, a different world. This is why, hues of our homes are deliberately chosen with care and need, and to theme it to the summer of being beside a beach, since its airy vibe isn’t too difficult to accede. Turquoise, mint, pastel, peach, pure white, ancient and oaky, light blue-grey and sandy sea-green- palette tuned to the breath of the sea can act as anchors in your abode, attuning the sense of being a nomad while being at home.
The Colours of Ocean
  • Crafted Nooks:

    You can pull off a Robinson Crusoe (minus the beard and the struggle) right in your home- create a well-fashioned reading, breakfast, sleeping and/or meditating nook with comfortable sea-themed pillows, bright open sitting area with patchwork embedded rugs, carefree  honey-coloured lounge for a happy- sunny look. Having a customised nook is like having a place within your home space to curl back into, and how better to relax than to come back to the tranquillity of the ocean’s waves, ebbing and crashing into your own little nook?

  • Illusionary furnishing of the beach:

    The thing about oceans and beaches is that they stretch out to the void of singular plain sight, having either the sea carve itself to the horizon or the expanse of the monotonous sandy beach continue till our sight’s eternity. They are open and wide and same throughout, therefore relaxing to the eye.
    Furnish your home similarly; use kitchen islands to have more kitchen area free, small cupboards and wall-shelves rather than metal almirahs, open dining area and light coloured wallpapers- the trick lies in using your home’s limited space to create an illusion of an expanse of light, breezy place.

Rightly Furnished Space

Photo Courtesy: quicua.com

The sea, mingling on either side with the sky and the land, is symbol of untamed composure, the companion of the beach. Summer and winter, is almost same to the coast and therefore, if you wish to entwine the heat in your city to the winter, far but still approaching, cool down your home space by giving it a touch of the beach. It is a bonus, if you are fascinated, already, with the beauty and the tranquility of the sand and the sea.

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