The stylish Rattan décor has made a comeback!

Remember when rattan décor was the most in, when its style was a like a homage to the laid-back, leisure days of old to give a fulfilling vibe of relaxation? Well, the rattan décor is back in trend, and how. Use the composed style of rattan to characterise your home to a more calmer, radiant life with the help of these 10 trendy ways:

  • Coffee Table:

Right in the middle of your living room or on the side of your verandah, rattan furniture gives a classy and homely look as a coffee table and/or for displaying snacks for the end of a tired, working day or for when you invite your guests.

Rattan Center Coffee Table

Photo Courtesy:

  • Bed Frame:

Instead of pure wood as as headboard, use rattan to give your room a vintage look. Along with poster rods and light, flow-y curtains, rattan Bed Frame would frame the look of your room majestically.

Rattan Headboard

Photo Courtesy:

  • Hanging Chairs:

To give your home a farmhouse vibe, use chairs hanging from the ceiling either on the side of your porch looking out to the garden or in the back of your living room near your bookshelf.

Rattan hanging Chair

Photo Courtesy:

  • Classy storage:

Chests made out of rattan are light and exceptionally handy, they are abundantly used and are prominent in terms of carrying light storage. They also look very chic and fashionable when placed in view at the back of a room.

Rattan Storage Basket/Bench

Photo Courtesy:

  • Dining Chairs:

Instead of using wooden chairs for your heavy wooden dining table, use rattan as dining chairs. They give a hillside feeling if your dining hall is strategically either in the open or with a nice amount of free space.

Rattan Dining Chairs

Photo Courtesy:

  • Side Tables:

A great décor trend, using rattan furniture as side table can have utility of two-fold. Use it as a piece of decoration for displaying trays, dry fruits and snacks; and use it as a side table for keeping random and important things for instant take-away.

Rattan Side Table

Photo Courtesy:

  • Washroom décor:

When the entire house has been minutely decorated, why leave the bathroom out? Rattan furniture by means of small tables and chairs are pretty useful in the washing as to either store dry laundry or to just, use it as an item of decor.

Rattan Washroom Storage

Photo Courtesy:

  • Outdoor Furniture:

Mostly highlighted in movies, the house with decent porch area can use the liberty of having proper, compatible and tranquil-looking furniture outdoors. Be it in your garden with shade or just on the side of the porch, rattan furniture gives a classic look for the outdoor decor.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Photo Courtesy:

  • Wall Décor:

Vintage and delicately beautiful, having rattan as a wall decoration on light and faded walls can be a great home-fashion statement. Simple and attractive, rattan furniture can compensate and complement photo-frames and redundant bare walls.

Rattan Wall Decor

Photo Courtesy:

  • Day-bed and sofa:

Nothing seems as relaxing to the eye and the body as a well-placed, comfortable and pretty day bed or sofa. The tiredness of the day or even the afternoon nap would become soothing to the mind and prove to be rejuvenating for your health.

Rattan Day Bed

Photo Courtesy:

Rattan décor has managed to test the transience of time and has come an overwhelming full circle in the shape of decoration. Trending again, Rattan Decor is bound to change the culture of design and seems this time, is here to stay.

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