Floorboards and their flooring ideas for your home

Surprisingly, we as individuals have developed a habit of not concerning ourselves with on what we walk. We are aware and intrigued by the walls, the posters, the art and the ceiling; but none whatsoever by the floorboards, the tiles and their modernized or traditional intricate styles. Flooring is as important and necessary to plan as any other part of the house, and in fact, there are a lot of flooring trends that now, we can choose from:

  • White and Blond:

    The most widely in use, and that which has been adopted for centuries now, white and blond flooring has the patent luxury of seeming both contemporary and sophisticated at the same time. The lightness of the floorboards give the house and everything so calculatedly placed on it a very relaxing touch, and thereby provides a very casual and modern look to entire home.

White Floorboard

Photo Courtesy: www.katrinaleechambers.com

  • Cork flooring:

    The benefits of cork flooring is immense, they’re the most economical flooring trend while also being the most eco-friendly floorboards to be placed inside one’s house. They reduce the amount of noise generated as we walk on it, they have the least chance of becoming the house of bacteria and fungi and their design and style proclaim to be the most adaptable to the current housing style.   

  • Dark and rich floorboards:

Exceptionally and beautifully enriching, dark floorboards look rich and very subtly urban, they have an aura of being floored as ‘interesting’ since the houses they are used in give a vibe of such inhabitants who are happily complexed and interesting. They complement and yet are somehow opposite to the white and blond floorboards and go a long way in augmenting the lives of the people living in houses with such floorboards.

Cork Flooring

Photo Courtesy: http://www.empirecarpet-flooring.com

  • Ceramic and Porcelain floors:

    Tiles, mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, are very economical in respect of other floorboards too. They are useful in the sense that they avoid markings and stains and become less viable to being attacked by rodents. Ceramic and porcelain floors look homely and categorically sensible in the kitchen with their many designated designs and elaborate (and sometimes funny) textures.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Flooring

Photo Courtesy: maxproflooring.com

  • Brushed and Statement textured:

    Mostly used as a casual and laid back flooring, brushed floorboards can be themed to the general mood of the home. They can be used in the living room or the children’s play room to get a lively feel to the entire room. Statement an light textured could be used in the dining room where you invite guests to sit back or eat as they do give out a pretty and enchanting vibe.

Textured Floorings

Photo courtesy: www.eschervictoria.com

  • Chipboards:

    Very creative in its wake, chipboards are nimble and elegant to see and, more so to walk on.  Light coloured or dark, they tend to suit a relaxed room with light coloured walls and rustic, rattan outlook and furnishing. They can be used in a country-side home but also in the urban area in a home in which a rather creatively driven and stimulating human dwells. They are rich and at the same times, quirky as well.


Chipboard Flooring

Photo Courtesy: www.kosip.org

Floorboards are necessarily and primarily, very essential to be chosen with care. They being the very ground on which we traverse, seem to give out a very tangible and careful ambience to our homes (and feet.) If chosen precisely, they complement the wall-paint and the furnishing remarkably.
Flooring trends are rising in India as people are becoming increasingly aware of the walk-in texture that can seem both inviting, grounded (no pun intended) and modern. Floorboards that don’t hauntingly creak and those that can withstand weight and pests are preferably taken into consideration while choosing perfect flooring.


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