Trending decor ideas for the Summer of ’17!

With the onset of May, the Sun has become more biased to disband its scorching heat onto the heated land and its occupants. This has led us to hide during the lazy afternoons and hardly-better evenings, inside our homes with the air-conditioner notched up to cool down the temperature of the room. But summer does not mean shrivelling up into the old style of the heat-induced housing tones but to re-invent according to the season to both chill down the temperature of your mind and of your home.
Here are ways in which 2017’s summer is trending for furnishing our homes :-

  • Florals!

    The most natural relaxation comes from the light, breezy, unperturbed florals which brace the heat as nonchalantly as any other season. Having flowers around the house can immediately cool down a place and make it so much more natural and airy, providing a perfect illusion of the spring in the heat.

Flower Pots with Natural Flowers


  • Light Pillow cases:

    Just like the flowers, having light bedsheets and light pillowcovers can go such a long way in gentling the mind to the outside heat. As dark colours absorb light while the lighter hues reflect them- having a palette and design of the toned down colouring scales of the texture can reflect the light more- making it seem blissfully cool and refreshing.

Light Pillow/Cushion Covers for Summer

Photo Courtesy:

  • Revamp the porch:

    No use of hiding in the comfort of the AC this summer. The patio of your home can be your humble abode to relax and coolly spend your leisure time. Throw in a small, loose blanket and a colourful pillows, ornate coloured light furniture and relaxing chairs into your patio and create a laid-back, garden-like, cosy aura in front of your heat-prompted home.

Summer Porch

Photo Courtesy:

  • Past to the Retro-style:

    The thing about the mind-set of bearing heat somehow, unreasonably, relates to the temperature rising with the changing times. This cultivates into the linking of anything retro with that of coolness, relaxation and easy-going style. Use this idea to change the furniture around your house into something more rustic and light.


  • Cool colours:

    Definitely the most necessary furnishing influence- lighter wallpapers and colours of paint are going to reflect more light making the room seem larger and more airy while at the same time, lessening the amount of heat absorbed  in the walls. Make sure your ceiling is white in paint, this is imperative if you dwell in a flat which is on your buildings’ top floor. Also, use as much hue around the house as plausible.

Cool Interior for Summer

Photo Courtesy:

The change of seasons call for a change in the house décor, a change in redundant habits and the perceivance of the torture of the inoperative state of how we view Summer. Therefore, get out of the unnaturally comforting presence of the ACs whose emission of the chlorofluorocarbons proves to be increasingly harmful than beneficial. Turn your house into a summer resort of sorts, and see the gradual shift in your home’s temperature just because of the shift in your mind’s accustoming temperature.

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