Patio decoration is not complicated!

Patio decoration is not complicated, yet getting it perfectly right that seem and is comfortable and pleasing to the eye can be a bit tricky. From proper placement of the furniture to taking care of the precise view to choosing the design and the theme that should match the home’s interior decoration, patio décor is like a cherry on the cake- flavoured to fit in (despite being outdoors) in their perfect, pristine, relaxing state.
Thus, here 10 patio décor ideas for you to revamp your outdoor space-

Black sculptures:

White patio area with elegant and sophisticated one-sided walls can be adorned with sculptures and painted statues that look cosmopolitan and precise, pretty classy when placed in a proper nook outside. Sculptures retain the lost art of carving and toned built pieces that have the capability to express and act as a perfect display as much as the paintings hung inside the house.

Patio Sculpture

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Rooftop patio:

If your patio outside your entrance does not provide proper spacing for elaborate seating area then use your rooftop as the perfect disposition of holding and displaying a great patio décor with various different themes. The rooftop patio has the leverage of better utilisation of space and not to mention, the view and the breeze that the height would entail- thus providing a relaxed patio to retreat in the morning/evening place.

Rooftop Patio Design

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Garden patio:

If your house has a garden overlooking your home- nothing better than having a beautiful garden décor for a natural and cool-down tone. Use medium coloured dark furniture and cover it with a shade or a large umbrella. White furniture can also look pristine and comfortable when maintained right, giving the home an extension and inclusion of nature with plants and birds and well-lit sunshine.

Garden Patio

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As seen in many movies, the plainest and yet the most soothing patio décor are the ones that are contemporary, with light furniture, a chair or two, a small table and maybe a pot of plant. Also stationed- a bird bath for the frequent (or seldom) seen birds to quench their thirst on the side- which also works as a great display if positioned right.

Contemporary Patio

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Laidback patio with bed:

 Taking it a notch higher up in the relaxing scale- use an elevated bed or a structure similar to it instead of chairs. Place the table on the side instead of in the middle and use a light coloured wall as a backdrop for a more soothing patio-spent experience. Decoration should be kept on the side instead of being clustered in the middle, to give the bed more space and to make the space feel laid-back and relaxing.

Patio Bed

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Vintage and Rustic:

Exceptionally common and in-use, using furniture themed more antique can give a great illusion of being in the rustic side of the town while having an apartment right in the midst of the city. Vintage chairs and tables are plenty available, the décor is  light and easy to the eye and can be customised to taste with rustic baskets or wooden signs.

Vintage Patio Decor

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Colourful and patterned:

10 Patio-décor styles you need for outdoor space

 Very modern and famously used, coloured and patterned patio themes are not only beautiful to look at but also beautiful to sit near- they exude the aura of brilliance and art and can complement the brightness of the interior decoration of the house. Colourful patios are easy to blend in with, giving a creative and homely vibe even when they are patios- placed outside.

  • Chic and wooden:

If urbane is your taste and contemporary and white pristine does not suit your bill, chic and wooden patios are your call. Very difficult to do right but elegant and comforting and beautiful when pulled off- chic and wooden patios have a great aura in themselves. Wooden décor based while not cheating on the subtlety of the theme, this type of décor can be used in the backyard or on the rooftop, if your home is furnished, marginally, the same.

wooden Patio

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  • Thatched Patio:

Patios covered by either an extension of the ceiling or the provided for by an elevated and pillared one- thatched patios are pretty to say in the least. They look the best in terms of appeal as they give an isolated vibe while still retaining the finery of a home space with the thatched roof; can be an exceptional spot for a gate-away especially when it is raining so that you can be isolated and surrounded by the pitter-patter of the beautiful falling rain.

Thatched Roof Patio

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  • Lounge-styled Patio:

Patios that are designed to be like a lounge which chairs placed precisely so can be also a great patio décor for your home. Very relaxing to be around, lounge styled patios disseminate the feel of fun, laid-back evening. Bonus points if your home just happens to have a swimming pool, lounge styled patio would then serve both purposes and proper theming and their placement would be like killing two birds with one stone.

Lounge-Zone-designrulz-4 (1).jpg
Lounge- Styled Patio

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Patio decoration is an art in itself, and so profoundly fun to do so too. They are reclusive and yet very much part of the house, a perfect getaway for relaxing if and when you come tired from work at the end of the day. Guests love it when they find a comfortable patio and it is also, the precise spot for seating and entertaining the guests- being both personal yet not too invasive of your home space.



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