Wreath flowers in your home this mother’s day!

Old or young, who doesn’t adore the freshness of flowers, and imagine collectively, beautifully, decorating them for someone? Your mother, who has seen the days of gajra adorning her silky hair, would blossom with wonder when she sees you surprise her with the breathtaking garland of flowers on the Mother’s Day.

We let our mothers uncompromisingly take care of us, so why not pick one arbitrarily chosen, beautiful, Summer Sunday, to reciprocate (if not in words) her -and your love- with flowers as bright as her in these glorious ways:

  • Chandelier:

    Wonderfully glamorous and soothing, if you could reach the corners of the chandeliers in your home, you could use flowers to decorate and let them hang from the chandeliers. Ceilings transform from mundane to spectacularly creative and your mother couldn’t be more happy to have witnessed your hard work prettily decorated on the ceilings.
Chandelier Decorated with Flowers

Photo Courtesy: acoastalbride.com

  • Tables:

    Instead of placing flowers pots and vases right on the middle of the table, use strings of colourful flowers on the side attached to the corners and the sides. Un-interrupting your dinner or lunch, the flowers would portray a pleasant aura throughout the day, considering not only their natural flower-esque fragrance but also, the amiable and relaxing sight of them.

Flower Vase on the Dining Table

Photo Courtesy: es.aliexpress.com

  • Shelves:

    Garlands on the shelves look borderline amicable and pretty, they bring out the style of the shelves, the contents on them, and the reflect some lightness on their heaviness. Use flower wreaths on one corner or use a string of light flowers to frame frames or bookshelves and proudly let your mother gawk at your innovative and thoughtfulness.

Decorate the Shelves with Stick Flowers or Garlands

Photo Courtesy: freshome.com

  • Doors:

    Very commonly used too and still always appealing, flower wreaths are used to frame doors and entrances. The Christmas wreathes are seen in movies are the go-to, but trend that to place them on all the doors of the household, and use flowers of lighter tones to complement the darker doors and the scorching weather outdoors.


Wreath with Summer Flowers

Photo Courtesy: www.hometalk.com

  • Calligraphic letters:

    Letters in shape and framed by flowers (even sometimes, just assortment of nicely placed petals) can be a great decorative idea on the Mother’s Day. Spell out Mom with the calligraphy or just simply expressing it with ILY- calligraphic letters with miniature flower wreaths are a beauty to gauge in themselves, and one way ticket to impressing your mother this happy Sunday!

Bonus: If you could, use bulbs for fairy lights around the house to illuminate the place, along with flowers. Cover the fairy lights with the smaller flowers so that the glow could be cast on the walls in the most gorgeously appealing colours and so, watch your home transform into a kaleidoscope of blossoming, strangely therapeutic and exceptionally stunning flower petals.


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