Trending bathroom-tiles are the new in!

Inertly essential, bathroom tiles have become a market in themselves in the last few years. From patterned to even, customised now, bathroom tiles are given as meticulous care while being chosen as any other part of the household. The types now are distinguishable and varied, and if you are looking to renovating your house- or even just your washroom, these types of tiles would give you a broad, trending idea:

  • Coloured ones:

    Be it small, long, designed or patterned, colourful tiles are the new in, largely discernible from the old, pale, hardly imaginative ones. Coloured tiles, like coloured wallpapers in the rooms, can be chosen at will according to taste and preference, and honestly, there is just so much of an abundance to choose from, all beautiful and seemingly extravagant. 

    Coloured Bathroom Tiles

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  • Horizontal and narrow tiles:

Tiles come in different shapes and sizes and one of the most popular ones, are the narrow horizontal tiles of either the same palette throughout or alternatively, of two different colours. They look decent and beautiful in the background, not to mention soothing if you tend to match it with your choice of bathroom furniture.

Narrow Horizontal Tiles

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  • Patterned Tiles:

    Needless to stay, highly in use since a long time- patterned tiles have rejuvenated with vigour with new shapes and forms, from intricate details laying over themselves to gaze upon to stylish markings of sometimes even, symbolic eye-catching charm; patterned tiles are the best to stare at, and have cultivated into a different and tremendous amount of styles, all brilliant and appealing at the same time.


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  • Elongated and vertical tiles:

    Different majorly from the horizontal ones, the long vertical tiles give a positive and opposite aura of the former- being lavish and stylish in the washroom in a very calculated kind of way. More urbane looking than the rest, coloured elongated tiles can infuse a suburban look in a rather complementary bathroom.

Vertical Bathroom Tiles

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  • Honeycombed and Fish-scaled tiles:

    Not just the patterns, there are elegant, distinct arrays of innovative tile collection. Recently in trend and hugely appreciative country-wide, are the honeycombed tiles. They are geometrically profound and supplement the white washroom basin and tub brilliantly.
    Also trending, are the light-colour toned fish scales tiles, sophisticatedly and subtly signifying the watered animal’s remote habitat.

Honeycomb Bathroom Tiles


Bathroom tiles, once upon a time, were merely a diagram of random facial features that we could make out if we stared at them long enough. But tiles have matured to be so much more than just that. The variations of this particular home décor are incredible and can suit the taste and need of every household and the members of every household in a finer, subtle, more creative and homely way.

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