Hues that can influence the palette of your moods!

Uncategorised and unprecedented, we have been aware that colours, in their basic form and diluted- have a lot of subtle effect on our brains. They affect our moods, our emotions. The exposure to primarily one colour (or two) in our homes in the form of wall paint, furniture tones, the texture and palette of our choice of curtains, carpets can express so much more about ourselves and our choices than words ever could. But more than that, what we choose to be surrounded by in turn has the power and the capability to imperceptibly, affect our moods.

So here are a few perceptive colour moods that you could be influenced by, and how, when you choose the hues for your home:


Known and appreciated to be the most sombre colour, white and its close relatives – peach and cream-  are the lighter shades that infuse a sense of neutrality in you when you are surrounded by it. Sophisticated in its appearance, bright when necessary and always stoic and calm, white and its counterparts can be a great mood equaliser if you are foaming with anger, or are morose and despondent.

Sombre white inspired bedroom


When you have black as your primary furnishing theme, your house takes a beeline to express Grounded Sophistication. It lands somewhere between Cool and Dark, black is challenging, black is rich, black is unconditional and black has depth. If you choose black as a theme, one thing is for sure, it’ll keep your life interesting

Rich black detailing on soft tones for a monotone palatte

                                                                                                                                                                          BLUE AND GREEN

Officially the colour recognised for being calm, blue can cajole you to breathe in, breathe out and relax. Like the tranquility of the sea or the seamless silence of the sky, blue is beautiful, reflects your meditating state of mind.

Fresh and breezy blue-green dual combination for a serene look

Green, on its side, having been conjugated by the kind mixture of yellow’s brightness and blue’s subdued calm, is expressive of the a liveness of nature. Of living and serenely loving. It can relax your mood and gentle it into the natures’ bright calm, healthy in its perspective of being a natural balm.


Grey gives out a passive, politically correct vibe. When you have your house furnished as grey, it coaxes the neutral ground of black and white to condition into your mind. With grey around, your mind would remain more aware, on-its-feet and diplomatic. It affects the mood and straightens it out at all the right places. It’s best used, in the corridors and the furniture set in your hall.

Dark, rich and dreamy look for your drawing room


Orange in its sunset brightness and Yellow in its afternoon, laid-back lightness are the most influential palette for your home. It colours your state of mind to be conducive of everything bright and happy, it uplifts your mood instantly. It’s warm in its approach and thus, provides for an uplifting home.

Brighten up with shades of yellow or orange



Pink, a collaboration of the brightness of red and the simplicity of white confers upon the need of both warm and the light. It is lavish and unique, facilitating and pushing the absolutely right mind strings. Purple too, compiling red’s brighter hue and the relaxation of the blue is the best complementary of pink, lapping in its happy silence the summer sunsets’ wing.

A floral burst with the vibrant combination of pink and purple


Moods are relative and subjective in nature, they are easy to make or break and relatively harder to internally change. But with colours, the external driving forces of nature, they wrap themselves in a cocoon, stretching and ebbing into releasing our moods in a silent firework of colours.

Use and subjugate the air of colours under your wing and watch yourself influence the hues, while letting the colours influence you.


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