5 Bedroom Decors for your daughter’s growth

The thing about watching your child grow entails grooming and conditioning them as much as it is parent-ally possible. Granted that we cannot create our child’s personality but we can to some extent influence it. Decorating your daughter’s bedroom, a surrounding where she would be spending a considerable amount of time in, can mould unseen and intangible parts of personality in ways we do not, cannot imagine. So here are few ways in which you can subtly create a vibrant, beautiful and lively environment for your child to grow in:

Vibrant Patterns
Patterned in various ways, a room can instantly light up when it has colourful, mind-liberating patterns encompassing all that it incorporates. From bedsheets to curtains to carpets to pillow covers, patterns are known for stimulating the imagination of a child. Patterns are necessary since they keep our life more interesting, they are spectacular to look and much more fun to indulge in.


Matured Bedroom
There are ways to coax the mind to think intelligently, and it is externally possible to create an environment like that. If you want your daughter to mature into grown up adult early, decorate her room in the classic, neutral, light way. Use bookshelves for furniture around the room and posters of the inspirational on the walls. Maturity, even though., is a personal time-related concept, it is still possible to catalytic into the lives of your children, smoothly and comfortably.




Vintage Décor
For those who are a fan of the ancient and the classic, they can decorate their daughter’s room the stereotypical and vintage way. With chandeliers and extravagant furniture and the light lamps and jeweled walls, vintage decor is not complicated and even though it is often opulental to implement, the decor is always something out-of-the-blue, spectacular and innately, gorgeously, wonderful.



Coloured Bedroom:
Natural for your little ones, we stereotypically try to make our child’s room more colourful and vibrant than the entire house. But instead of splashing pink around your daughter’s room, be more creative and colour it with all colours, even blue. A colourful room looks lively and naturally beautiful, so choose hues wisely for your daughter’s room because aren’t colours capable of influencing your daughter’s mood?



Poster and favourite Accessories:
Use themes around your girl’s rooms that are inspired by what she’s been recently into. From Marvel to Manga or from celebrities to books and authors, anything that she likes, surround her with it and then distantly watch her grow into an opinionated and enthusiastic young woman.


A lot can happen as your daughter grows up, it is what we term Life, but having her room decked up as a soothing presence to come back is totally in our hands. And therefore, create an enriching and magnificent environment for your daughter to grow up, grow out and into.

So, if you are looking for Decor consultations regarding your child’s/daughter’s bedroom, you can get in touch with Skipper Furnishings on 033-4051-5253 and book an appointment with Skipper Décor Consultants. Decorate away, hooray! 

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