The floral boldness of Adonia is here!

Dark, conspicuously converging and retreating floral prints and exceptionally bold, Adonia is everything that you’d wish it to be. Strong and contemporarily exquisite, Adonia takes into itself the myriad emotions that we go through every day- splashing like paint on its canvas, for everyone to gaze at and stare.

Adonia is beautiful in its persona and very subtly elegant too, but more than that, it has its way of expressing the gallantness and vitality of the owner. The print is strong in its essence, energetic and floral. It looks like a palette of freshly dyed colours that has been painted into the nature and left out to dry, making the whole texture more vibrant and alive.

Ranging from deep to light and then dark again, the hues converge into the buoyance of the print colours that are difficult to separate from themselves. They are so intricate in their detailing, the colours so specifically different and appealing, that the more you look at it, the more it looks breath-taking. Violet to purple to marigold to chiselled yellow to the prints that form floral and flora’s basic features- you cannot get enough of Adonia.

Adonia 1_Page_2


Paradise-like in texture, the fabric is as rich to touch as it looks. Adonia holds the capability to entice and captivate its viewers in the way the nature does the same to us- slowly at first, and then all at once. It is powerful and magical and wonderfully brilliant at its core.

Adonia’s prints and its bold canvas of merging colours is symbolic of one’s emotions spilled onto the walls of one’s home. It encompasses both, the nature’s vibrant strength and our subtle sentiments beautifully strung together to form a splendid aura infusing gloriously- in every part of our home.


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