10 Easy DIY Rustic Home Décor

Currently in the huge rage is the need to make things on one’s own, letting creativity and imagination fly on the go with fun crafts and Do-It–Yourself made things surrounding your home. With everything Rustic so huge in trend, Rustic being the injunction and smooth juxtaposition of vintage, contemporary, cool and warmth; here are few tips on having a Rustic DIY for yourself at your home:

  • Laddered Towel Racks:If you do not have an old ladder around the house, then, you can use fresh or old pieces of wood to make one. Once you have a ladder at hand, paint it well to suit the primary essence of your house, or if you really want to go aesthetic, leave it so, so that the wood appeals in the most genuine way, Thereafter, Use the ladder as the towel rack, the steps, your shelves, and hang them towels at leisure, without care.
Ladder Towel Racks
  • DIY Mason Jars Wall Decor:Mason jars have various uses, and it can be annexed in various ways, one such way- using mason jars as wall decor. Attach Mason Jars on wooden boards with the help of the detachable rings and place them on walls. Use candles inside the jars or decoration of plants, and watch them give your home a rustic vibe, almost free of cost.
Mason Jar Wall Decor

Photo Courtesy: http://www.stagetecture.com

  • Handmade Book Shelves:Rustic, casual and extremely well-placed when done right, the handmade bookshelves, either with wood or roped tied as the vignette, is the most comfortably created DIY. If you are a book lover, this will be a very exciting, motivating Make.
DIY Rope Bookshelf 

Photo Courtesy: www.topdreamer.com

  • Hand Painted Mason Jars:Just for simple decoration or for the purposes of gifting or otherwise, Mason Jars when painted look extremely well placed, it can be customised into your imagination and creativity in any which way, it can be a random floral painting or a replica of your favourite fictional character. Anything, anything that goes with a décor.
Hand Painted Mason Jar

Photo Courtesy: www.etsy.com

  • Candle Holders:Candle holders can be pretty and stylish at the same time. They are the torch-bearers and therefore, should be elegant and sophisticated enough to be a light (pun intended) décor. Use wooden sticks on the holders or paint them rustic, use big holders for many candles or singular ones to place them separately. Either way, they will always look classy.
DIY Candle Holder with Wooden Sticks

Photo Courtesy: homedit.com

  • Wooden Headboard:It is easy to pull off a DIY headboard, the measurements in place, the headboard to your bed can be as both stylish and homely, comfortable and trendy. Use wooden plate styles, or squared checkmates styles, making a headboard is easy and fun if you have the tools, and even more ingenious if you can let your creativity flow.
Wooden Headboard

Photo Courtesy: www.homedit.com

  • Coffee table:Coffee tables are preferred smaller in size, therefore, it is easy to convert them from a regular tool or even, if you have the tools and time you can create your own stool and then revamp it into a small rustic coffee table.
DIY Coffee Table with Wooden Logs

Photo Courtesy: www.abeautifulmess.com

  • Handcrafted Rustic Cabinet:The side tables that have cabinets and drawers are also a perfect rustic decor for your home. It is not extravagant, it does not take much time and is also preferred to steel and huge almirahs. Use rustic cabinet in your home to drop in the many everyday used things that do not have a specified place allotted to them. Cabinets don’t take extra place and look, in their simplicity and genuineness, really great.
  • DIY Mason Jars Wall Lanterns:Vintage and colossally gorgeous, the wall lanterns look spectacular both as a decor and also as a fine way of holding and distributing light. Mason Jars, as handy as they are, are perfect occupier for getting converted into wall lanterns. Use handles or coloured roped to hang, make mason jars your unique, pretty firefly jars, a specimen of your own created chandeliers hung on the walls.
Mason Jar Wall Lanterns 

Photo Courtesy: www.tudoandco.com

  • Jewellery Handle:

    Jewellery handles give a very soothing, rustic look to your nook, if you like your jewellery well placed in the open for easy selection and handling, use handlers as such to prominently display your collection, it is convenient and spectacular also, on top of that, pretty easy to make. Handles act as hooks and can be designed according to your creativity and mood.


Rustic decor is becoming trendy day after day, its simplicity is its catch and it is appealing to a wide variety of guests and audience. With Do-It-Yourself coming slowly into the limelight as a fun and creative means of decorating your home and in that aspect, it also being largely economical, Rustic DIY has become a household trend, gaining popularity by the day. So waste no time and create yourself a simple, warm and beautiful, household  Do-It-Yourself.


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